Rick and Morty Pocket Mortys PvP Multi-player Rick & Morty Collect Pocket Morty Further Review

More of Rick & Morty! The popularity of the Rick & Morty show has brought to us Pocket Mortys! The fun and exciting Mobile game for iOS and Android. This game has taken my phone by storm. Collect all the Morty’s you can, customize your Rick, and journey across the universe defeating other players.

That’s right! This further review is going to be primarily about the Multiplayer experience of Pocket Mortys from Adult Swim Games. The multiplayer version of this game is absolutely addictive.

I play Pokemon Go and I love the Rick & Morty animated series and I like this game. Sort of a mix of the two, and if you’re like me -You will love it too!

The only knock I have on the multiplayer version is that it is one of those games that takes over your phone. By that, I mean you cannot really use multitasking features while playing this game. If you switch applications, you will very likely have to reload the Pocket Mortys application. This is just a minor knock as this is the case for many mobile games, but the load time is quite significant.

Watch the video to see me battling another player in a PvP multiplayer fight of our Morty Collections. I get off to a slow start in this one, but just as things were looking bad -and that I may be defeated; I turned it around. Enjoy the video, and connect with RogueCorp Online using the buttons below!


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