Coelacanth Hotspot – Black Desert Online – Valencia Sea – Near Arehaza Town

Is catching tons of gold grade fish and traveling far distances with them your thing? Look no further than the furthest away place on the map. Gold grade fish spawn in many areas of the Valencia Sea. Blue Groupers, Tilefish, and Coelacanth are the most common you will find in the vast eastern ocean of Black Desert Online.

My experience comes from playing on PlayStation 4. If you play on another system it is entirely possible that certain things I describe are different for you. My articles are solely based upon my experience with the game. More, “what I do’s” rather than end all be all guides. If anything I talk about helps you, great!

Coelacanth have a base value of 200,000 silver, making them on of the most valuable fish in the game. This particular spawn location is also extremely far from anywhere else worth mentioning making it the premium spot to begin fishing. One of the biggest let downs of catching this fish are that you can only catch one per hotspot as the hotspot disappears once you cast your rod into the spot. Luckily, there are 5 spawn sites in a short distance of each other. Becasue they are close to each other as well as close to shore -server hopping to collect a large amount of these fish within a fair amount of time is possible. Using better fishing gear is wonderful for this as well.

Fishing in this location requires work, so many BDO players will be uninterested. Those of you that like to actually play the game may enjoy this though. You cannot autorun directly from Arehaza Town. There is a small chunk of land between Arehaza Town and Valencia which removes a complete auto run option. I suggest autorunning with no marker set to Valencia where you can then set a marker to other destinations after you’ve made it to Valencia. Like, Trent, for example.

You can also take a Wagon from Valencia all the way to Trent. Many players struggle with this concept as they often get wrecked by Gahaz Bandits while in transit through Valencian Territory. Wagon repair kits come in handy here. Also, there is an alternate route through Gahaz that helps here. The route that the auto path feature directs us on has a small gate which is difficult to get a wagon through and many people get stuck here and attacked. If you ever set auto path with a wagon through this area, and came back to see you had been killed -this is likely what happened.

After you’ve placed wagon repair kits on your ring menu, and have collected your share of fish you might ask why would I need a wagon to transport fish? I’m the type where if I’m going to travel from Arehaza Town to Trent or some other far away destination, I’m going to get my money worth out of the trip. I will fill a wagon with trade items, and fill my inventory with yellow grade, Coelacanth, Tilefish, or Blue Grouper and sell it all once I get to Trent. Make sure you play and complete the Bargain Game too! My last haul gave me 190% return on my yellow grade fish. A wonderful concept.

Coelacanth – Yellow Grade Fish – Hotspot

Server hopping is the only real way to make silver here. each of these yellow spots is a Coelacanth hotspot location. They can all spawn at the same time which is what I experienced a handful of times I have went after them. Only 1 or 2 are there when I spawn in a new server more often than not though. As I said, server hopping and using better gear -like a triple float rod – can help here.

Would love to know how this spot works for you guys. To let me know or to game up, reach out to us using the buttons below.


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