[WARZONE] The Golden Dragon – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – WarZone – A Look at Assault Rifle Hotel: Golden Dragon Epic Blueprint

Golden Dragon in Call of Duty Warzone Assault Rifle Hotel

To start with a disclaimer, I do not use Assault Rifles very often in neither COD: MW nor WarZone. I tend to stay with Light Machine Guns, or dabble in SMG’s from time to time. So I am probably a fair bit bias when you factor this particular Assault Rifle handles a bit like an LMG.

How is it like an LMG? You may ask.

For starters, this configuration of the AK, or Assault Rifle Hotel, features a 75 round drum, is fully automatic, and heavier than some other Assault Rifle variants. But, it is quicker to aim, the recoil is less cumbersome, and can be accompanied by a grenade launcher, to name a few differences. The similarities and differences of the Golden Dragon to an LMG are what interest me in it’s overall performance in WarZone and in MW alike.

Where do I use it mostly? I am still rotating it into my average game. I play almost all game modes in both WarZone and MW, but Domination and BR Quads is probably my 2 favorites. This weapon has excelled for me in both of these modes. It has taking me quite awhile to get used to handling an Assault rifle variant, but this one is close to becoming my primary weapon. The video below shows my first use of it in BR Quads:

RogueCorp [WARZONE] Team Win with Golden Dragon (First Look) Assault Rifle Hotel in BR Quads Team Shout out: ROWDY_GOWDY, BigKat, Aztec-Bandit

Overall, the weapon handled very well. It was more user error where it was limited, but I will get a handle on it soon. It’s lethal combinations make it very viable in a variety of game modes without having to change anything. The bayonet works well in close range, the grenade launcher certainly has a place in every battlefield, and the lack of an added sight keeps it from being too heavy for speed given the added weight of the 75 round drum. Visually, it looks fantastic. The shimmering glory of this Golden Dragon make its worth the pick up.

I do recommend this Golden Dragon Epic Blueprint to anyone who has the opportunity to grab it. In season 3, it is currently available at 800 COD Points in the Dead Man’s Fortune Bundle. So pick it up!

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