[WARZONE] Tips, Tricks, Strategy, Notes – Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. Battle Royale | Final Circle | What do I need to win?

I have been playing quite a bit of Call of Duty: WarZone lately. Like many of you, I find the newest free title to be one of the better Battle Royale games on the market at the moment. The Gulag being a feature that sort of put it over the top for me. Today’s post will be the first of many WarZone related ‘strategy’ posts, detailing what I have noticed so far in game.

I play with randoms, as well as a squad of mates that go back many years in the gaming world. I hope you all find something interesting in this blog about your favorite game, or at least enjoy the media.

[WARZONE] Air Drop this Victory – Team Win – BR Quads RogueCorp Online Wins again COD: Warzone Quad

Final Circle | What do I need at the end?

With that, let’s begin!

Just like load-outs, a strategy needs to be designed for what your team has at the final circle. I [try to] have a well discussed plan for the end game no matter who I am playing with. Yes, it can be hard to coordinate with randoms who may not have a mic, or just don’t want to talk to you. Discuss with your team, who will have what. As you can see in my video -Self-revive and Precision Airstrikes can be the difference between a win, and have your name in the credits.

First and foremost, everyone on the team needs self-revive. I think that is a given to everyone. So we will move on to who needs what beyond self-revive.

Here is what is currently available at a buy station in BR Quads:

  • Armor Plate Bundle – $1,500
  • Shield Turret – $2,000
  • Cluster Strike – $3,000
  • Gas Mask – $3,000
  • Precision Airstrike – $3,500
  • UAV – $4,000
  • Self-Revive Kit – $4,500
  • Squad Buyback – $4,500 per teammate
  • Munitions Box – $5,000
  • Loadout Drop Marker – $10,000

If yoou don’t have the money and decide to roll as is -perhaps you’ll get lucky. Otherwise, complete contracts, loot boxes, and kill other players for cash to make these purchases to set your team up for success!

Contracts are the best way to make money aside from killing players who already have it. Currently, there are 3 types of contracts available in COD: WarZone:

  • Bounty – hunt down another player.
  • Scavenger – loot supply boxes.
  • Recon – secure an area.

I always like to hit a certain level of money before making my way to the Buy Station. For me, on my team, I go for a Self-revive and Precision Airstrike. Other members of my team opt for UAV’s, Cluster Strikes, etc., and a decision is made as to what else we may need. Every match can be different. Sometimes we all have max armor in our satchels, other times we may need to purchase some plate bundles. If we are rolling in the dough and decide a load-out marker would be helpful, then we may opt for that route as well.

They key is that at the end -you need STUFF. Yeah, with enough skill you may be able to kill everyone in the match without anything from the Buy Station. You are certainly better than me then. I would simply have to bring more stuff in that case in order to win over a more skilled player.

You also need a gas mask at the end. It is one way less thing to worry about, and I highly recommend. I have another video showing where that earned me another win as well.

All of that said – Cluster Strikes, Precision Airstrikes, Gas Masks, Self-revives, UAV’s are all things that should be purchased for the final circle in order to greater the odds of victory. Disperse these items across your team. If you don’t find it then buy it!

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked the video and for comments / feedback, hit me up on Twitter @Gunner_Goose or support the site with the buttons below.


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