RogueCorp Online and Gunner Goose (RogueGOOSE1) give special, weekly shout-out to featured Gaming Community members with Stream of the Week and Pic of the Week – Video and Pic contest to come

RogueCorp Online does some YouTube and Twitch Streaming as well as Game Pic sharing on Social Media; however, the community is not about what RogueGOOSE1 is doing. You see, we are creating a community to showcase everyone else! How many of you follow a streamer online through Twitter or Twitch and have never even talked to them? That’s not the community we want to build.

We vow to be the most interactive community of gamers. This snake has no head. Of course, because I (RogueGOOSE1) am so passionate about it, I am the leader of the community. The difference is, I will make every effort to put community member’s streams, art, and other content ahead of my own.

Which brings us to this week’s featured RogueCorp Online Members:

Featured Streamer @Topothetop (PC / Minecraft / YouTube)
Featured on

I hope you all take a look at his YouTube stream on Minecraft. Whether you’re an experienced or novice Minecraft player, or never played at all, this stream is worth checking out! I have actually talked with this gamer on Discord. He is a very fun, interactive streamer, and plays the absolute crap out of Minecraft. We are very proud to feature him this week. Give him a follow and like.

Featured Artist @fabledart.sammie (PC / Black Desert Online / Instagram)
Featured on ; ;

FabledArt brings another life to characters and scenery from the gaming world. We are very happy to feature this wonderful creation which was also featured on Black Desert Online PC official Twitter @BDO_News.

I have been very happy to have these individuals be apart of the RogueCorp Online Community, and I sincerely wish them all of the gaming success one could have. Make sure you check them out asap.

How to get yourself featured here? Become apart of the growing RogueCorp Online Community. Of course, even those who are not yet apart of the community may be featured here. So shout out your favorite creators in the comments or PM me. I can’t add their work if I don’t see it!

Thanks for taking the time to view these two extraordinary creators, and come join us! Buttons below.


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