Notice Framerate / FPS Drops on Your Windows PC? [Solution] – Game Mode On / Off Fix

Framerate issue from 15 October 2020

Troubleshooting issues with your Windows PC can be quite a headache. Researching alone can get exhausting, and you can spend hours trying to correct the problem only to make everything worse.

Sudden drop in framerates can be a nightmare for gamers and streamers alike. I was faced with a recent scare when playing some of my favorite games. Initially, I thought my sudden FPS drop was due to having an overfilled SSD. I browsed through everything I thought I could delete, yet still had the sudden stutter while playing games.

My second guess was that I had videos encoding in the background. Not typically an issue with my RTX 2080 GPU, but worthy enough of further investigation as I hadn’t yet figured out the root cause. I exited out of everything that was running, restarted the computer, and returned to find the issue still existing.

What to do now? The issue persists.

I remembered that I had recently updated windows. Could it be that the new update was causing me this grief? Perhaps, but I wasn’t ready to uninstall it just yet.

The update was worth keeping in mind; however, I continued using my favorite search engine to locate any problems others had. I also browsed Reddit, and other helpful resources. I came across people who had issues shortly after updates. Their issues were months and years ago in some cases. Surely those bugs were fixed long ago.

I pondered further still.

After some pure powered pondering, I had a thought…

Some updates effect user settings. I recall an unresolved issue with “Game Mode”. Game Mode gave many previous users grief with sudden shutter or FPS droppage. Now, I had that switched to off previously because of this unresolved issue. It appears that the update turned my user setting for Game Mode into it’s ON state.

….Quick Solution….

I switched Game Mode back to off, hit a quick restart, and resumed a normal -beautiful- framerate playthrough.

If you found this helpful, met me know! This issue was 10-14-2020 for me, resolved on 10-15-2020. Thanks!


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