OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Outward is a survival game that is rated Mature by ESRB ratings. How will Outward rate with RogueGOOSE1? We will take a deep dive into the games features and make a well informed rating for you!

I enjoy survival games, and especially those with multiplayer elements. Whether that’s in a cooperative capacity or an mmo style. Survival games typically feature food & water consumption, resource management, sometimes building & crafting, and other survival mechanics that we all love.

Today’s featured game is:


Outward is a survival rpg that can be played solo or cooperatively. Split screen is also available. The split-screen aspect earns it bonus points with me because so few games offer such a feature. The game also focuses on the player to be a commoner. This is important as many other games feature the player to be some what of a god, or generally better than NPC’s and other characters in the game. Outward takes another spin on it, making the player evenly matched versus enemies. Skill in-game, rationing, and resource management are all that may save you on adventures.

Outward details:

Release date: Mar 26, 2019
Publisher: Deep Silver – Developer: Nine Dots
ESRB rating: Mature
Platforms: PlayStation 4 · Microsoft Windows · Xbox One

There is no fast travel in this game. The player is forced to plan for each adventure outside of the walls. You have access to a map, but no player location indicator. You have to navigate on your own, and pack plenty of supplies before you head out. Or have a resupply plan. This is an amazing survival aspect which is found in other games, but not quite to this extent. Typically you at least get a location identifier on your map or have a guided path. Not so with Outward.

Survival Rating System

Resource ManagementCrafting & BuildingSurvivabilityGameplayStoryOpen WorldPvE vs PvP Creativity
– Food & Water Consumption– Shelter– DifficultyFun to play?– Lore Availability
– Immersion
– Survival Exploration– Does the environment keep one’s interest?– What’s this game trying to accomplish?
Table of concepts we look at when rating a survival game – RogueGOOSE1

There are so many things that go into ranking a survival game. Most survival games have their own spin on the game itself, but have many similar elements. Outward has chosen to feature the survival aspects and place these fun burdens on a common person. This is a very unique concept which cannot be compared. So it finds itself in the creative category. Earning it some points. Games will be able to earn 10 points per aspect plus 30 points can come solely from creativity. For a total possible score of 100. So let’s break down Outward.

Resource management

Longer adventures in Outward forces you to plan ahead. Not bringing enough water or failing to plan around water availability will surely end in the player respawning from the start. Only negative to the resource management in Outward is that I would like to see even more items to choose from.

Points: 9

Crafting & Building

Crafting is big in this game. Building is not. Yes, you are required to set up camp if you wish to survive a longer journey, and you even must post guard throughout the night (which I love), but there is not much for making your camp that much better.

Points: 6


For someone starting out in this game the first time, they will likely die a ton. Which is awesome. Experience truly wins the day in this survival game. The fact that you have to truly learn as you go, navigate yourself, and manage everything from the start -it’s hard to find a knock here.

Points: 10


Graphics and combat mechanics are below par, but playable. The game can get old for explorers who stop exploring.

Points: 6


There isn’t much lore, mostly because you are a commoner. Which is this games shining feature. It does make an attempt at a story but you still kind of lose out on what many survival games choose to feature here though.

Points: 6

Open worldliness

The map could be larger, but because of the difficulty, it seems bigger than it is. I am a sucker for a survival game large enough to support mounts or vehicles. This game would be hurt by mobility.

Points: 6

PvE versus PvP

This game is solo or co-op, so PvP is nonexistent. Sure, you could squabble with your mate, but… As for the PvE… You are a commoner still. Everything in the environment can kill you just as easy as it can kill you. I love this aspect.

PvE: 9 – PvP: 0 – Overall (we’ll round up): 5


Creativity is going to be the hardest thing to add up for this game. It’s feature is so unique that it helps and hurts the game at the same time. I feel that it gives it a higher floor, but a lower ceiling. Overall it is a fantastic game that a true survival lover would absolutely enjoy. For that reason I am giving it 2/3rds the possible creativity points.

Points: 20

OUTWARD Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Conclusion – Points 68 / 100

This is our first survival rating. So there isn’t much to compare yet. You will see that we will remain optimistic yet very objective of these games. Let us know how we rated it in your opinion. 68 out of possible 100 may seem low to someone who loves this game. Just for perspective, I think very highly of this game, and I think time will tell 68 is a good amount once able to compare with our other survival game ratings. Whether you love it or hate it let us know on our channels: https://facebook.com/Gunnergoosegaming


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