Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

Fallout 76 is a survival game that is rated Mature by ESRB ratings. How will Fallout 76 rate with RogueGOOSE1? We will take a deep dive into the games features and make a well informed rating for you!

I enjoy survival games, and especially those with multiplayer elements. Whether that’s in a cooperative capacity or an mmo style. Survival games typically feature food & water consumption, resource management, sometimes building & crafting, and other survival mechanics that we all love.

Today’s featured game is:

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a survival game, but it truly sells as an mmorpg. The survival elements were more present at release, but have slowly faded to the shadow of the MMO aspects. Bethesda seems to want to feature aesthetic customizations to promote micro-transactions which is more in line with it’s multiplayer concept. It is still a survival game, and deserving of a rating from RogueGOOSE1.

Fallout 76 details:

Release date: Nov 14, 2018
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
ESRB rating: Mature
Platforms: Microsoft Windows · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One

Many survival games

Survival Rating System

Resource ManagementSurvivability Gameplay
Crafting & BuildingShelterStory
Food & Water ConsumptionOpen WorldPvE vs PvP
Concepts of Survival games – Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

There are so many things that go into ranking a survival game. Most survival games have their own spin on the game itself, but have many similar elements. Fallout 76 has chosen to shy away from hardcore survival aspects. Instead, this survival game chose to focus on multiplayer concepts. I see that it is in an attempt to boost microtransactions, but it is a great experience nonetheless. Survival games will be able to earn 10 points per aspect plus 30 points can come solely from creativity. For a total possible score of 100. So let’s break down Fallout 76.

Resource management

In the beginning (especially the B.E.T.A.), resource management was an absolute chore. You had a 400 pound stash box limit which didn’t allow you to keep much. Now, you can access infinite junk storage with a paid subscription, and even the free options have improved tremendously. There are perks which help manage you storage as well. The game does a great job of forcing you to manage your resources, but it isn’t a game breaking procedure. It is overall a joy to stockpile in Fallout 76.

Points: 8

Crafting & Building

Fallout 4 reinvented the Fallout series. Settlement building and the crafting system itself was a major advancement in the series, and this aspect became very popular among new and returning players. Bethesda seemed to want to mix the building aspects of Fallout 4 with the survival title they originally thought they were building by adding, C.A.M.P.’s. They somewhat took the lesser aspects of both and made something decent. I am happy that crafting and building is a large part of the game. The latest updates have improved the experience as well.

Points: 9


Survivability in Fallout is a piece of cake. There is no true difficulty modifier, and once you acquire some gear -you’re virtually indestructible. There are level based zones which make the game feel tougher, and some events that are very challenging.

Points: 7


Graphics and combat mechanics are above average on all platforms. The game can get old for explorers who stop exploring. This is true for many survival games, and especially true for MMO’s. Having a crew to run around with completely changes the experience too. This game is a ton of fun with mates, and there is a ton of content.

Points: 9


The Fallout Universe is extremely vast. Fallout 76 takes place in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia just a couple of decades after life as we knew it ended. A nuclear war ravaged the majority of the Earth and set in motion a series of amazing games. There is simply too much lore for lore nerds to dive into with this game. They even add in local West Virginia folklore with such creatures as the Mothman, Wendigo, and Flatwoods Monster. Downside is that the game took a l

Wendigo – Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games

ot of grief out of the box. Bethesda has been attempting to take what they built, and turn it into what players wanted. They didn’t want to add much story originally it seemed, but more has been added.

Points: 8

Open worldliness

First knock right out the gate is fast traveling capabilities. Survival games miss something special with enabling fast travel. It can be quite expensive to fast travel in the game, but survival is much easier when fast travel is a thing. So this lessens the difficulty a bit. I would prefer a game to create mounts or vehicles that facilitate travel rather than implement a fast travel system. The world itself is large, diverse, and beautiful.

Points: 7

PvE versus PvP

Many players pretend that Fallout 76 is a PvP game. It has the ability to fight other players, but this game is not a PvP game. It has a “Nuclear Winter” battle royale game mode which is a fine alternative to PvP, but it is almost completely separate from the base game. The base game has no intention of looking like a PvP experience. It is quite an amazing PvE experience though!

PvE: 10 – PvP: 4 – Overall (we’ll round up): 7


This game loses a bit of creativity points right off the bat for completely bailing on what it was trying to become originally. It has added, removed, and replaced more concepts than any game I have seen. Overall it is an excellent game with tons to do; however, much better with friends to play with. The world is so beautiful too that we will be a tad more generous with the rankings. The co-op play helps too! Also one of the best games to show your personality in your C.A.M.P. and personal gear.

Points: 25

Fallout 76 Rating – Rating Survival Games – RogueGOOSE1 Rates Survival Games
Conclusion – Points 80 / 100

80 out of 100 seems fair. This is a great game. I attempt to be fair and objective when it comes to these ratings. This is not a true survival game but it is so beautifully done and maintains enough of those aspects to keep my interest. I am a huge fan of the Fallout series. I was expecting something entirely different with Fallout 76. It is still a great game. Whether you love it or hate it let us know on our channels: https://facebook.com/Gunnergoosegaming


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