Cyberpunk 2077 – Night City Stories 20.1 – NCPD Beat Officer Bernie Paltrow – Fictional Story by RogueGOOSE1

Cyberpunk 2077 – Night City Stories by RogueGOOSE1

Cyberpunk 2077 has hit next generation consoles and caused quite the buzz on Windows PC. I have ventured many hours in and around Night City and have become very curious as to the lives you don’t necessarily get to dive into with gameplay. This is

Photo by RogueGOOSE1 – Night City Photomode

the first of many Night City stories. I hope to entertain you with fictional stories of the citizens within the Cyberpunk Universe.

So we begin with our first story.
The story of NCPD Beat Patrol Officer, Bernie Paltrow.

I had been on traffic duty the past 6 months until about a week ago. That is one punishment I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I was being groomed to get a seat in a black and white. Who knows where I stand with the Cruiser Patrol guys now, but glad to be back on the beat.

My partner reminds me daily where I could end up if I pull another stunt like I did six months ago. I just have to keep my nose clean awhile and all will be forgiven. The Ripperdock down on Brandon said he was hooking me up with the latest Ballistic Coprocessor. Only I got some B4llistic Copossessor knock off “upgrade”.

I didn’t find out about the upgrade mishap until I was working a disturbance in my sector. We stumbled upon some arms dealers trading wares right on the city street. Blocking half the damn street. They were heavily armed. I should have immediately called in the cavalry, but it’s always hit and miss as to whether or not the Patrol Division will show. That, and traffic piling up on the street forced me to make a move quickly.

I rushed over leaving my partner just a bit behind. That was my second mistake.

My third mistake came when I drew my service pistol. The Ballistic Coprocessor I thought I had just had installed should have aided in my swift takedown of this operation going down in my sector. Instead, the B4llistic Copossessor malfunctioned. It took me a bit long to realize I was firing into the city street that I was trying to protect. Husbands, wives, kids -all taking cover from from my mistake. I had no control. The gun just kept blastin.

I felt like the biggest gonk in the city, yet there was more to worry about. Ripperdocks routinely install illegal Cyberware. I am a man of the law. Luckily, only 3 people were killed in the incident. I just didn’t know how to explain this incident. I mean, my illegal software malfunctioned and I killed 3 innocent civilians, AND the bad guys got away. What was I to do?

I was ghost white when Patrol came to my apartment a week later. The lead Patrol Officer informed me that they made it look like the Proles had been blastin at each other, and that I was off the hook. 6 months in traffic would keep me square with the PD.

What a long 6 months it was. Being in traffic that long taught me that crime doesn’t pay. I need not be diving into illegal wares. Perhaps I’ll go full borg after I leave the force, but for now -I can’t slammit on the good citizens of Night City.

The only punishment I got left is Darla giving me shit all day about the incident. She hasn’t forgiven me. She said one of the flatliners remind her of her little sister. Never met the little bimbo so I wouldn’t know.

The beat is where I belong for now. Every shift I get to hear the hum of the city. Sure, crime has gotten way worse. But I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

The End.

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I hope you enjoyed the story!


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