CD Projekt RED and Sony Interactive Entertainment News – Cyberpunk 2077 status tracker

The relationship between CD Projekt RED and Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to develop as news and rumors flood the internet. Keep up with the latest information on the situation here as we pull to bring Cyberpunk 2077 back to the PlayStation Store.

The relationship won’t be renewed over night. Night City will need to endure numerous changes in order to restore its place among games on PSN.

CD Projekt RED has getting a bad wrap from PlayStation and other gamers who have been experience what they describe as unplayable, game-breaking bugs and glitches with the developers latest title.

I have played on the PlayStation 4 since it released just 10 days ago, and have witnessed no such issues. There are noticeable issues with the game, but none of them are that bad when compared to other games’ launch woes.

Here is a statement directly from (right pictured)

“Following our discussion with PlayStation, a decision was made to temporarily suspend digital distribution of Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation Store. You can still buy physical versions of the game in brick and mortar stores and online. All purchased digital and physical copies of the game will continue to receive support and updates as we continue to improve your experience.

According to our knowledge, starting today, everyone who is not willing to wait for updates and wants to refund their digital copy of the game, can do so by submitting a request at

We are working hard to bring Cyberpunk 2077 back to PlayStation Store as soon as possible.” CDPR statement from

This turn of events taking place in mere days following the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. PS4 has taken the biggest hit even as Xbox consoles receive the least support among other platforms.

Let’s face it folks. This is a witch hunt. The game will be fixed, just as several other games have done after being released unfinished. Bare with the young developer and let them correct what they need to in order to get the game back on PS Store. I have only regretted buying one game, and it was not Cyberpunk 2077. Find out what it was by interacting with me: Facebook / Twitter

Everyone is experiencing different levels of discontent on Cyberpunk 2077. I have not had that many issues. I have definitely played worse after launch. BUT those games were made by much larger game developers which explains why CDPR is getting so bashed.

I am enjoying the game, and I hope you all are too! GREAT GAME!


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