Tabletop RPG and Trading Card games making a huge comeback in 2021? Top games you should try.

Trading Card Games making a comeback? RogueGOOSE1 plays Trading card games – Miniature models / Tabletop games

Last year marked the beginning of the end for a generation of consoles. We can talk about how Grand Theft Auto 5 has now landed on 3 generations of platforms, or how gamers cry for unfinished game releases, or even how popular games are being made from last century table top games.

We will briefly touch on those topics, but primarily this blog spot will be dedicated to informing the gaming community about this years tabletop return.

Grand Theft Auto 5 makes history? Of course, everyone over 15 know GTA is as fresh as it is old. I still play GTA 5, as I did back in 2013. Realizing that a game could last that long has to make one wonder how long we can be waiting for, say GTA 6? Will other developers / publishers start slow rolling their latest games too?

Cyberpunk 2077 released mere months ago to an audience that mostly thought this was a new, fresh game of the 21st century. Many quickly found out when the franchise’s OG’s made their way into Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media, that the Cyberpunk Universe has been a thing since 1988. Decades before many CP2077 players were born.

The first Gen Cyberpunk game is important though because, in 1988… this was a tabletop RPG.

If my point hasn’t been made already then I’ll continue only by saying tabletop RPG’s and Trading Card Games have evolved since the 1900’s. These games are fun as f… AND they give us unique collectible options as well. Let’s look into one game in particular to start. This one is from a MASSIVE universe, with a die hard player base. This franchise is:


There are a ton of ways to get sucked into the Warhammer Universe. There are many video games, from multiple series, multiple Universes of their own, books, and much more. The part that gets my game going is the tabletop miniature versions of Warhammer. Particularly, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer: 40,000. These table top RPG’s are completely separate worlds. There are some key similarities, but enough differences to make them attractive to several audiences.

With these games, you get to collect, build, trade, and play with your friends. Large scale battles allow the commanders (you) to create your own unique adventure that is an unmatched experience.

See the source image
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Starter Set – RogueGOOSE1 plays Warhammer

If miniatures isn’t your thing… yet, I will also tell you that trading card games feature highly collectible items and super fun gameplay. I currently play Magic the Gathering Arena (MTG), Pokémon TCGO, and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. These are all online versions of trading card games. For the sake of keeping this article manageably sized, I will only touch on one of these games. I will attempt to show you how modern these classic games are, and what makes them special. I will do many more articles on them all and more! I will feature:

Pokémon TCGO

TCGO stands for Trading Card Game Online. Imagine this, you’re walking down the isle at the local big chain store, when you see a Pokémon Trading Card Fire Deck for on sale for $10. You would love to play with them, but you remember how you always messed them up as a child. You don’t want to ruin your awesome collection. Well now, you can buy that deck, put the cards in the most secure place possible AND still play with them. You can do so by uploading the whole deck to TCGO in a few easy steps. Keeping your cards in perfect condition, and getting the joy of playing with them.

Yu-Gi-Oh, MTG, and others all have similar online experiences.

The best part? These games are still played 100 percent through any generation. Pass them on to your kids, they can still get enjoyment out of them. AND, with the right displays -can make the best game room décor.


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