Rust – Console Edition, release info and what you need to know!

Rust is coming to consoles!

I first stumbled upon Rust on a fellow streamers page. I almost immediately went to my local PS Store to see how much it was. Only to discover the game was not available on PS4.

Rust released for PC users all the way back in 2013. That seems almost like the dark ages for a game to be coming to console, but this is no ordinary game. Rust will almost certainly rise to the top of sale charts when it finally releases for consoles.

What consoles will it be coming to?

PS4 & Xbox One.

These are the only confirmed consoles as of right now. Will it eventually find it’s way to Switch, PS5, Xbox x/s, Stadia? Maybe. But for right now. last pen PlayStation & Xbone will be the landing spots on the newest release of Rust. Of course the game will be playable on next gen consoles with the backwards compatibility feature. It is still not a next gen game.

When is Rust releasing for Xbox One & PS4?

It is close enough for me to start getting excited about it! There are many versions hitting the stores as well. Like many games, you may spend extra on the upgraded release version to receive in game bonuses and items.

The console edition will release on May 21, 2021

Additionally, there are pre-order bonuses. Including a 3-day Early Access Pass.

Get in on the action before anyone else by pre-ordering the console edition game. Of course, PC players have been playing for 6 years to this point.

We are following this release. Hit us up on Facebook to check out more info.


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