Rust Open Beta – Dropping – Info for Console Deluxe Edition Open BETA 1 Day!

Rust OPEN BETA – Console Deluxe Dropping in One Day!!

Get ready y’all. We finally have concrete info on the deluxe edition Rust open Beta release! It is downloading right now on my PlayStation 4!

In just over one day, this BETA for consoles will be playable for all to go ham! Deluxe edition pre-purchasers will get loaded into the beta in under 2 days!

Open Beta Dropping Deluxe Edition for console ps4 and xboxone

What will you be able to do after the beta? Hang out with us!

I am RogueGOOSE1 @ Facebook Gaming and we will have a public server for all to join as soon as this game drops for for release!

Get hyped, play through the beta this weekend and then come find me for all the latest Rust Console news!


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