Why Activision wants us to play this trash Cold War? Warzone > Cold War

Cold War is Trash Playlist

The Call of Duty franchise once again wants to ruin a good thing by trying to force us to play something less good. I am taken back to the days of Advanced Warfare. Modern Warfare 3 was a favorite of mine. Advanced Warfare came out and made me absolutely disgusted with the franchise.

HALO was a big deal at that time and Call of Duty thought they would get in on the futuristic game style. This was garbage. As is Cold War.

Warzone with a modern Verdansk, a Gulag under prison, and loads of Modern Warfare inspired loadouts was absolutely fire. Now we have an 80’s style map, garbage Gulag, and great Black Ops guns.

Great Black Ops guns being an issue. Activision continues to make the Cold War guns better than the Modern Warfare guns so we will be forced to play this trash.

Is the Mac-10 the best SMG in Warzone? Yes. Is the FFAR the best assault rifle in Warzone? Yes. They force this crap on us so we will play Cold War.

They continue giving free Cold War weekends.

I have a secret for you Call of Duty Franchise. This game is trash. Let us play Warzone, and keep that shit off the lawn.

I do love the Mac-10. I just wish it was a Modern Warfare gun so I could use it in the better version of the game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

I still use the crap out of it in Warzone.

Let’s talk trash on the game together. Hit me up on Facebook.


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