Hood: Outlaws & Legends w/ RG1 – Release Trailer – Coming super soon

Outlaws & Legends w/ RogueGOOSE1 – Hood Outlaws & Legends

A unique PvPvE experience is coming soon to our favorite game stations and RG1 is super here for this one!

Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital has completely done it with this title. I do not know that this game will reach the amount of popularity as it deserves, but if it is what the game trailer makes it out to be then we really have something special coming.

Next gen consoles and last generation consoles will be able to play this one, as well as my PC peeps.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends brings RPG elements, interesting multiplayer elements, and unique gameplay to a gaming community that simply needs it right now. 2021 has not been the game year that 2020 was with some huge releases, yet this game may just hold us over until release dates are finally met by other titles.

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