Scavengers – Free to Play Survival Royale on PC, PS4, XB1 – Talk with RogueGOOSE1

Scavengers, the all new survival game, from Midwinter Games. Or is it the all new Battle Royale game from Midwinter Games?

Long story short, it is both. Hence why I have been calling it, the all new survival royale from Midwinter Games!

This game looks like a ton of fun. Almost like Rogue Company meets State of Decay. Or any other survival game meets any other BR platform.

Scavengers with RG1 – all new survival moba from Midwinter Games

Survival mechanics play a role in just how efficient your BR session is. Stay warm by a fire, manage winter weather, and watch out for enemies while you try to survive to the mother ship! Players, aliens, undead type creatures, wildlife, it’s all trying to kill you! Can you escape with the precious data points you dropped in to recover? We will see in this amazing looking survival royale experience!

No release date set for consoles, but PC gamers -go ahead and get yourselves immersed in this one!

Game up with me @ Scavengers Game Group or my Streaming Page: RogueGOOSE1


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