Remote Raid Matchmaking? PokeGenie Update – Must have app for Pokémon Go

Raid assistance from PokeGenie app – Pokemon Go tips from RG1

Pokemon Go has somehow remained relevant despite the pandemic. Since the Coronavirus rattled the world, by forcing us to solitude, we originally thought that would be the end of the mobile app. This is because the game requires the trainer to get out in public.

Those options became very limited during the global pandemic instituting a quarantine. Thanks to the folks at Niantic, we were given remote raid passes as well as loosened restrictions on public play.

The great developers at PokeGenie, did us a even further solid. This great app / assistant has solely gotten me back into Pokémon Go. It just got too hard to keep up with others as I couldn’t play as much as everyone else. Being an adult, working during a pandemic, and not being allowed in public all contributed to my walking away from my once beloved PokeGame.

I can now play right from home and keep up with everyone else by doing ANY RAID I want, right from my couch!

PokeGenie Screenshot

PokeGenie now has matchmaking for you to host or join any raid right from the app. \So how do you do it?

  1. Download and link PokeGenie.
  2. Click the Raid icon.
  3. Choose which ongoing raid you would like to be apart of. (or host)
  4. Click Raid Now
  5. Follow instructions

Thats really about it!

Pokegenie Screenshot – best app to use with Pokemon Go!

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