Dying Light 2 Coming soon, release date set, PS4 / PC / XB1?

Dying Light 2 reveal – release date known

I do not know how long this has been out, but I had just seen it so I decided to do a video and blog post!

I am excited this game finally has a release date and it appears that it won’t miss this one!

When is the release date?

December 7, 2021 – Nevermind that this date is Pearl Harbor Remberance Day. Why that date was chosen of all the 365 available options, idk, but alas -it’s soon.

Many of us have been waiting for this game for quite some time. Ever since the trailer was teased at E3 2019. This game will usher in a new era of survival game as I see the next few years being littered with brand new survival titles all of which vying to reinvent the genre. I am here for that!

Get hyped with me on this game. Coming to XboxOne, PS4, and PC on December 7th. Next gen consoles? We will see. HMU on Facebook to talk about it!

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