Rust – Rating Survival Games – Rating Rust now that it has made it to console!

After years of waiting, console players finally get their hands on Rust. I must review it, now that Rust is wide spread among many survival fans. Rust is a survival game that is rated Mature by ESRB ratings. How will it rate with RogueGOOSE1? We will take a deep dive into the game’s features and make a well informed rating for you!

I enjoy survival games, and especially those with multiplayer elements. Whether that’s in a cooperative capacity or an mmo style. Survival games typically feature food & water consumption, resource management, sometimes building & crafting, and other survival mechanics that we all love.

Today’s featured game is:

Rust – RG1 rates Survival games

Rust is a survival game that is available only in an online multiplayer capacity. Surivive against weather, hunt animals for food, and definitely be wary of other adventurers. It is a survival game, and deserving of a rating from RogueGOOSE1.

Rust details:

Release date: Dec. 11 2013 (EA), full release on PC -2018 – Console – 2021 (XB1 / PS4)
Publisher: Facepunch Studios
Developer: Facepunch Studios
ESRB rating: Mature
Platforms: Microsoft Windows · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One

Many survival games have the basics in common. I have selected some of the most important features to key in on. Those will be reviewed individually and rated as such to keep the rating as unbias as possible. Just because I like one game over another, doesn’t make it better. The rating is what it is.

Survival Rating System

Resource ManagementSurvivabilityGameplay
Crafting & BuildingShelterStory
Food & Water ConsumptionOpen WorldPvE vs PvP
Survival Rating System

There are so many things that go into ranking a survival game. Most survival games have their own spin on the game itself, but have many similar elements. Rust has chosen a sandbox style approach to survival. Kill or be killed, all while trying to negotiate the rugged landscape of the map. Survive the wilderness and be wary of travelers. Survival games will be able to earn 10 points per aspect plus 30 points can come solely from creativity. For a total possible score of 100. So let’s break down Rust.

Resource management

Resource management in Rust is very important. I enjoy the ability to have storage shelves in the player home. The player must be wary of other players primarily due to their resources. Players will attempt to steal the players resources by forcing themselves into the player base. Official servers wipe weekly or monthly, so keeping things for a long time isn’t possible in this game as with other titles. Because of that, I must drop the resource management rating a bit. A plus to the resource management though is just how vital it is to your survival, yet also detrimental.

Points: 6

Crafting & Building

Building in Rust

There is a huge emphasis on crafting and building in Rust. From the moment you wake up on the beach, you are crafting and building. You may have also sought YouTube videos to learn how to build like a pro Rust player. The building could be a tad better, but I love how many items have to be found, rather than crafted. This adds to the overall survival aspect.

Points: 7


Survivability in Rust is no joke. You will die countless times in this game. It simply is the way Rust is with it’s sandbox style aspects. You’ll die from radiation, bears, wolves, hunger, and mostly -other players. Survivability is off the charts here.

Points: 10


Graphics and combat mechanics are decent. Obviously PC graphics are better than the console versions as the console version are limited by technology. This will ultimately bring the rating down some. Combat mechanics are also very limited due to the style of the game. You have a laundry list of melee and ranged weapons which are craft-able to use, but somewhat clunky movement can be a bit wonky. You will spend the majority of your time replacing what other players took from you.

Points: 6


There is a little bit of story to Rust. How the world came to be what it is etc. Nobody notices it, nor does anyone care. It’s just not the way of a sandbox game of this type. Make your own story, and have fun. An imagination may be required.

Points: 2

Open worldliness

The world in Rust feels very open and desolate. I absolutely enjoy the world you are thrust into. It feels scary to move to far from shelter, but the player is forced to adventure onward to find scrap and other items. Very enjoyable concept. One knock is going to be from the console perspective. The world just is what it is. Looks great considering the challenges of porting to console. A knock on the PC version is how broken many things are sometimes. Go punch a dear. They won’t budge.

Points: 7

PvE versus PvP

PvE in this game is almost non existent. The environment is not forgiving, but in terms of things to do to enhance your gameplay from a PvE perspective -there’s just nothing. This is a game that sales on it’s PvP gameplay. PvP wise, this may be the game for anyone looking to have a fight or two or twelve back to back. Other players WILL kill you in this game no matter what platform you are on.

PvE: 2 – PvP: 9 – Overall (we’ll round up): 6


This game plays and feels like any other sandbox survival out there. Conan, Ark, DayZ, are comps. The creativity isn’t quite there in this one as it is with other survival titles. This game plays like Ark, but there are no dinosaurs -nothing unique. There were zombies on PC for a good while, but they are [mostly] gone. With that in mind, I gave Ark a 26 in this category. Rust DOES have uniqueness to it’s world though -radiation, and much more post-apocalyptic than other titles. In that comment, dropping 5 points from the 26 and adding 2 for the uniqueness. I’m giving it a:

Points: 23

Rust – Overall Survival Rating?
69 / 100

69 out of 100 seems fair. This isn’t a great game, even though I absolutely love it. Getting to play with friends in this game is wildly fun. You will run for your lives, over and over again which each other to keep company! I do highly recommend venturing out with friends! This is a much better game in a team mindset than solo. Whether you love it or hate it let us know on Facebook


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