What makes a good gaming podcast? RogueRadio – RogueGOOSE1

What makes a good gaming podcast?

No, I’m really asking.

I have re-committed to Rogue Radio, my new podcast project. I went solo on a welcome back video, but will be looking for guests to join in on the fun. HMU on Facebook for deets.

RogueRadio Welcome back!

I love to play games, and talk about games. Podcasting, like video creation, allows me to merge my hobbies into great ways to explore new and old games. I am rather new to content creation in general. Especially podcasting. No, I have no broadcasting education nor experience so this is all learned on the fly.

I do hope to deliver a great product in everything that I do. This is where I hope the viewers and listeners come in. Help me grow and get better by sending me feedback. Facebook is the best way! Follow while you’re at it to watch the growth continue.

As I say in the episode. I have returned from a work trip. I am dedicating myself to having a blast and creating new, exciting content. pushing myself to try new things.

Rogue Radio is apart of that. My Wednesday shows are going to be routine. So make sure you follow that as well!

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