Microtouch Titanium Trim Review by RogueGOOSE1

Microtouch Titanium Trim Commercial
Product Image
Microtouch Titanium Trim Review by RogueGOOSE1

Check out this hot garbage – video has some good looking dudes. I would love to know what salon they go to!

Getting into the review. Tech reviews are a new cause for me, but something I have wanted to give a shot. I needed a new trimmer, so I found one that I viewed on the internet like many of us do. I got locked into the Microtouch Titanium Trim as it did indeed look very easy.

“If you can comb it, You can cut it” – Great slogan for the Microtouch Titanium Trim. This is simply not the case!

Let’s talk about these claims which are made in the video. For me, it’s not how great your product is -it’s how well does it do what you say it will.

Men everywhere are now cutting their hair at home
Is this even close to true? If I have an option, I am 100 going to the salon or barber. This product was meant only to be a fast option to getting right. It’s not even that.

Just a trim or a full haircut
A trim of my balls, back hair, neck hair sure… Not a trim of my full head hair and for damn sure not a full haircut.

Cutting hair is as easy as combing hair
Super false. I, like everyone ever made, can comb my hair no problem. Well, not now because I have no hair left to comb thanks to the Microtouch Titanium Trim.

Pro-level results at home

I don’t expect much from an as seen on TV type product. This thing isn’t even in the ball park of what it says it is.

1 * for me. Only because it might handle my balls. (We’ll see)

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