Custom Sails Atlas Game – How to make custom sails on Atlas Arkpnt – free templates for sails

Custom sails atlas – free sail templates

Creating custom sails for your ship on Atlas is all the rage, and these customization features are why many of us play these types of games.

I am absolutely entranced with #sailtheatlas game on PC & XboxSeriesX. I have so many custom sails it is ridiculous.

Here I will guide you through creating your own custom sails in Atlas.


First thing you will need is ARKpntEditor
It may also help to have a favorite photo editor, but you can do what you can on paint -OR using apps on your phone and then transferring them to your PC. There are lots of great phone apps for this type of editing. You do not need to be a digital painting pro.

Your new ARKpntEditor should look like this:

ARKpntEditor – custom sails for Atlas

Don’t be alarmed that it says Ark instead of Atlas. It’s the same damn game.

You will need a template for this. You could either go to your sail and trace it, or use these templates (click the word templates)

These templates will give you a formatted pnt image in your ARKpntEditor and should look like this:

Small handling sail template Atlas custom Sails

Next, save as image. You will then pull that image up in your favorite pic editor and fill it with whatever you like. Stay inside the lines as best you can.

When you are done, save as ARKpnt file.
This next part is very important. Be sure to save the file in the fashion below. Depending on which template you are using. For example, ” HandlingLarge_SailTriple_C.pnt ” You may change HandlingLarge, as this will be the name in game for you once you go to paint your sail.
The fashion I mentioned:


Generic of course would be also referred to as small.

Now you have a saved pnt. You must put that file in your Atlas game files here:

Game files for Atlas – save custom paintings

You are basically done. Go into your game, equip your paint brush, whack that sail, and get to painting. It will tell you what paints you will need to complete your masterpiece. Just hit “Load Paints from this type”.

Want something designed for you? Hit me up, I can point you toward a great great digital artist for those needs. HMU at Roguegoose1


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