How to get Portal Kills in Splitgate – Easy Portal kills – Splitgate Arena Warfare

I enjoy killing through portals, but nothing is more satisfying than pulling off an ACTUAL portal kill.

Pulling of a portal kill seems impossible at first. I will admit I confused the coveted portal kill with a through portal kill at first. Maybe you did too.

Here we will talk about portal kills, what are they, how to get them done easy, and show an example of one!

So what is a portal kill?
Not to be confused with a ‘through portal kill’. These are very different as a through portal kill is you simply shooting through the portal to kill the enemy on the other side. An actual portal kill, requires a bit more deception.

How to get a portal kill?
Set up one half of your portal far away where the one who enters it will be less likely to jet pack to safety. The video above shows a great place to pull this off.
Set the other half of the portal up in a high traffic area.
The plan is to make the enemy use that portal to fall to their deaths.

It is really very simple, but can be hard to master the required deception. The video gives a few additional tips and tricks to this awesome feat, so make sure you watch & follow for more! Facebook / Twitch / Twitter

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