Battlefield probs.. What’s wrong with BF2042 – Issue 2.

Battlefield Bugs with Roguegoose1

Battlefield launched this holiday season at the end of 2021 with a great deal of criticism to follow. Many bugs surfaced leaving many players to leave for Call of Duty or Halo’s more stable launches.

I do believe the game will become stable in the future. Many Battlefield games, along with many other EA Games creations, have launched buggy or worse. We eventually get a good game after some time of heartache from this dev. So, give it time.

I am showcasing any and all bugs I find in hopes of helping them be found and dealt with quickly. Not to tarnish the game whatsoever. I am a fan of the BF games.

In the video, you see that I have joined a game successfully. The only problem is, I can’t select a loadout and eventually you see that I can’t deploy at all. This was a very annoying issue. This happened during a live stream on Twitch which is super annoying.
Bug fix, unfortunately the only thing I have found that fixes this is leaving the match and joining another.

I do hope these issues get resolved sooner rather than later; however, this can be a lengthy process with Electronic Arts. The game really is quite good with a ton of potential. Though these bugs and issues are beginning to pile up.

Luckily, I play a ton of games so I will be playing through until the issues are resolved. I just play something else when I get frustrated.

I hope you enjoy my content. HMU on Facebook to discuss your BF issues or to talk other games.

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