Night City Stories – “The Sunset We Share” – Cyberpunk Fan Fiction

These Night City Stories are fan-fiction stories written by Roguegoose1. I do hope you enjoy the read and look out for more. I run around Night City and write about anything that might spark my interest. Here is a young couple trying to make their love work in a wild world.

Night City Stories – The Sunset We Share – Roguegoose1

The Sunset We Share
Young love is tough. Hi, I’m P. This is my fiancĂ© Witten. You might see us if you’re ever over by the Northside pier after 6pm.

We have been together a little while now. Our relationship began so strong with so much passion until…

About a year ago, our relationship began to struggle. One night came that I did not think we would make it through.

I didn’t have a day job when we met. I was slinging meds all over Northside to pay the bills.

I was even forced to go straight the day we met. It was the perfect time to meet someone. I was walking down Northside shore to meet a crooked doc for some meds when we met. I found out later that some gonks had him held up during a deal which ended in my dealer on ice.

I walked by her spot when she stopped and asked if I would take a picture for her in front of the ocean. I tried to be funny by asking if I could be in the picture. She agreed. I don’t know what came over me afterwards, but I asked if I could be in a picture with her that night at dinner.

It was a lovely night in Northside.

We were inseparable for months after that. She helped me get a job with a contracting company filling snack machines. I had to go straight someway with my dealer on ice. It is a good job. The problem is with the schedule. See, I work 10pm to 10am every night. I got to where I sleep most of the day and then I’m gone all night for work. She has worked at a doc’s office for years. 9am to 6pm.

It became like we were strangers again. We never saw each other. Never spent any time together. Which lead to arguments. Which led to the night I didn’t think we’d make it through. We argued on the holo all day while I was trying to get some sleep before tonight’s shift.

She came home that evening and I just knew this would be the night we parted. I was surprised when she came in and asked if I remember when we met. I was not sure where this was going. I said, “of course, I remember”.

How could I forget? I didn’t give a fuck about sunsets until that day. Didn’t even know they existed. My life changed that day in many ways.

We were all over each other for months after that. I had been missing times like those and I guess she had been to.

That evening. She had just gotten off of work. I was getting ready to head there myself when she asked if I could walk her down to the ocean. I didn’t want to. I was getting ready for a long night. I thought that sometimes you just have to do things you don’t want to. I am glad I did.

We walked back down to that spot. The breeze, the colors, the girl I knew all dropped me back in time to when I first saw this beautiful angel.

Let’s be honest, the spot isn’t that great. The air is polluted something crazy. You can see the smoke stacks filling the air. Ships come in and out all day, the whole bay smells like oil covered fish, there’s trash everywhere, but it is our spot. It reminds me of what we have grown to. Our relationship has had some pollution, but there is some beauty to go along with the bad. This sunset is gorgeous, just like her. The kind of thing you don’t get just anywhere in Night City.

Our second walk down Northside would not be our last.

We decided to return there every night after she comes home. We haven’t argued ever since. I do not know what it is about that garbage place that makes it so beautiful. I just know I love going there with her.

So, if you’re ever down on Northside shore after 6pm. You might see a happy couple destined to live happily ever after.


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