Night City Stories – “The Misunderstood Murderer” by Roguegoose1

Night City Stories by Roguegoose1 – “The Misunderstood Murderer”

A sudden reality check took over my mind as I stood over him. His mind is slipping to another dimension as the feeling of fear returns to mine.

His arm holds the truth. Blue band with the notable 6 stamping of the 6th Street Gang. They take care of each other, yet here I am standing over the protected few watching him drift off to death.

Why did it come to this? I have never meant to hurt anybody. My home is my sacred place. It isn’t much, but it is my world for now. I think back to how I even came to this moment.

I was working for Arasaka just a few years ago in a very top security position. I oversaw the Protection Team for Saburo Arasaka himself, heir to the Arasaka Empire. Arasaka paid us well and made sure we had everything we could desire to limit the threat of us pushing out Arasaka secrets. Until paranoia became too much for them. The Protection Team desolved into nothing. Forced us all out. The younger guys were able to find security jobs at other Arasaka interests, but there was no position for me at my security level. They decided to let me go. I wandered into the streets with no job and no loyalty left to anyone but myself. I adopted this entropist lifestyle and stayed here in this alley ever since.

Now I stand over the man who may very well be the reason for my life to be over. The 6th Street Gang will learn of this. They do not understand self defense from my perspective. Only that he was one of theirs. They will hunt for me. Beat me. Kill me. And then make an example of me.

Of all the alleys for you to start trouble in, why this one? There were 4 people living here when I arrived. They welcomed me in not knowing I was what they consider Corpo trash. I became great friends with another piece of Corpo trash name Melanie. She made her way to the dumpster from the Militech Corp Tree. This allowed us to bond. She had a high-grade piece of Militech cyberware installed on her. Somehow 6th Street found out about it and decided to come take it for themselves. I just couldn’t let that happen. Turns out Mel wasn’t the only one in this alley with a high-grade piece of cyberware to share.

The hunt for us will go on if we are alive. And I do believe they will find us. But for now, it is just me and Melanie for the rest of that time.


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