10 post-apocalyptic games that are still fun to play – games everyone should try

You fancy yourself a post-apocalyptic game enthusiast? We may put that to the test as we detail ten post-apocalyptic themed games that are still worth playing. You need to play these games if you haven’t done so and are a fan of the genre.

This is not a top 10. Top ten post-apocalyptic games would be a very tough article to do. Perhaps I will tackle it one day, but not this day. Follow this blog to stay informed of when that may be. For now, this is simply 10 post-apocalyptic games that I am hugely fond of. Each one is definitely worth a play through.

Keep in mind, post-apocalyptic games are not solely zombie games. They are also not solely nuclear winter. There are many ways to enter an apocalypse. Here are the games that hit the spot for me.

1. Fallout 4 (RogueRating – 93/100)

Fallout 4 enters the apocalypse due to a global nuclear war. The player must interact with survivors and kill a variety of mutated animals in search for his kidnapped son. The Fallout Universe offers a huge amount of unique lore that is gained through written and voiced stories heard and read around the big open world. The settlement building system is one of the most enjoyable additions from previous titles. There are factions in the game which the player can choose to work with which ultimately impacts the play-though. The only downfall is that the game is single player.

2. The Walking Dead (RogueRating – 87)

The Walking Dead games are actually seasons of games. This is a very unique take to games. The stories individually are somewhat short but there are many of them to play through. This makes the game appealing to gamers as well as someone just getting into the games for the love of the franchise. Telltale games, the game’s developer, is quite adept at telling tales. The game also is quite full of lore because the story builds off of one of the most popular TV shows of all time. I do hear and read a lot of grief about the game’s difficulty level. I have also experienced it myself and can agree with this guff. The game is far too easy. The game is overall fun. The player must navigate a world of zombies while soaking in a good bit of story.

3. Resident Evil Village (RogueRating – 91)

Like Fallout 4, the player is on a mission to find their kidnapped child. The story is very compelling allowing deep immersion into the game. The game also offers beautiful graphics as well as chilling music and freaky looking enemies. The Resident Evil franchise has been around for a million years, and many people have come across one of these games on one console or another. I came into the franchise at Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 2. Resident Evil Village is now the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This period of time has developed quite a large following of the freanchise. If you haven’t become part of it yet, now is your chance.

4. Far Cry New Dawn (RogueRating – 89)

Far Cry New Dawn is the sequel to Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope County where the earth has not collapsed to nuclear war. In Far Cry New Dawn, the Collapse, has definitely set in on the Far Cry Universe. New Dawn is set 17 years after the events of FC5. Enjoy beautifully destroyed scenery, whacky wildlife, and ruthless characters as you navigate the fallen world. Now might be a very enjoyable time to enter the Far Cry world if you have not done so already. The story is very much intact with this game; however, the fact that the world has fallen makes it enjoyable on another level. You do not need to have played Far Cry 5 to get into New Dawn. The story does a good job of getting you caught up to speed.

5. Borderlands 3 (RogueRating – 93)

This game is a slam dunk. The player base has dwindled a tad for this game as it came out about 3 years ago. The mob of folks standing in line for this one is gone, but the player base is still fairly deep. New content is added semi-regularly and is an absolute ton of fun to play. Explore a variety of awesome worlds as you battle through them with extreme prejudice in this looter shooter. The apocalypse has been in place on the Borderlands Universe for quite a long time. The madness and chaos are very well established. This is a game that is much better with friends but can certainly be enjoyed solo.

6. The Last of Us / The Last of Us 2 (RogueRating – 95)

This is the only number on our list that will feature 2 games. These are simply must plays for anyone looking for a good story. Especially those looking for a good heart wrenching story which happens to be taking place at the worlds end. This is also one of the few games that I will strongly recommend playing through the first one before diving into the second one. They are both extremely playable today so no issues there. The Last of Us 2 makes many references to the first game in the series and the story is much more impactful if the player knows the events of The Last of Us (1). Both games are only playable on Sony consoles.

7. State of Decay 2 (RogueRating – 90)

You definitely do not need to have played the previous game in the series to enjoy State of Decay 2 (SoD2). This game is one of those that is much better with friends as well. You can certainly play solo, but you and 3 of your pals could thrive in this post-apocalyptic, zombie filled playground. The game sets itself apart from other games because you don’t play as 1 single player. Instead, you play as any one of many survivors. It’s a good idea to switch to one of your other survivors when the one you have been playing as gets tired or sick. Oh, and if your survivor dies, they are gone from the game forever. A great feature for a zombie game imo.

8. Frostpunk (RogueRating – 89)

This game is a unique one in our list of 10 still playable post-apocalyptic games. It is unique in 2 ways from other games. First, it is an apocalypse set in the past. The game is based on a volcanic winter which took place in the 19th century. Many of our post-apocalyptic games are set in the future. This is a very neat take on the genre. The other unique thing with this game is that it is a city-survival game. Many of our games are based on one person, or a group of people, which the player controls and plays with. Frostpunk is different here as the player must manage the entire city through this volcanic winter. The game is very well made and is a ton of fun.

9. Dying Light (RogueRating – 94)

Now it is time for some hardcore, parkour. Dying Light is another zombie game where the player is in fear of being eaten or being turned into a zombie at every turn. The thing that sets this game apart from other zombie games is the player is very agile and adept at parkour. Traverse the city by jumping from building to building and keeping away from the hordes that fill the city floor. The only problem is that there are some zombies who are interestingly fit for a life of parkour as well. Another very well-made game with great graphics and story. This is a must play as we get ready for the franchises next installment with Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

10. Rage 2 (RogueRating – 78)

A very fun game to play. It is a single player game which is a bit of a knock for me. The gameplay itself reminds me a bit of Borderlands, but what is different is the story that comes with it. In this one, an asteroid has destroyed a large part of earth’s population. Now, bloodthirsty gangs roam around stirring up problems while the local Authority attempt to rule the world with an iron fist. The player Brings absolute mayhem to all of them. Enjoy stunningly pleasing visuals in this post-apocalyptic dream world. The game first released in 2019 but is definitely worthy of a playthrough for enthusiasts of the world ending games.

Here we have listed 10 post-apocalyptic games that are still fun to play. These are games that everyone should try. There are a wide range of stories, modes, and styles here to certainly help you find that game for you to scratch your post-apocalyptic itch. I provided the RogueRating as well. Some do grade out better than others, but they are all worthy of at least one playthrough. So, get grinding and enjoy!

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