Dying Light 2 – Rating – Review – Release Information & more

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic Europe. Zombies and zombie like abominations roam the city. Survivors use their parkour skills to navigate the area to remain away from the infected. Some zombies have that similar skillset, so be warned.

Dying Light 2 – Info, Review, RogueRating

Release information –
Release Date: February 4, 2022
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Favorite Ways of Killing Enemies

RogueRating: 93.5


First thoughts

Introduction to the game is a masterpiece. The character you control sounds a lot like Crane from Dying Light 1 but is not him. This brings a little nostalgia and excitement for what is to come next. The introductory story makes you collect honey and chamomile along the way and describes nearby settlements. An emphasis on long term survival whereas in the first game in the series was more centered on the present.


Game Features

Difficulty Levels

There are 3 difficulty levels in Dying Light 2. Easy, Normal, & Hard. The levels adjust enemy health and damage as well as various Player attributes.

Audio & Music

Audio comes across very nicely. The music can get intense and follows the overall experience of the game. Voice acting is very well done. There is also a streamer mode available. When toggled to “Off” the game will play licensed music, when “On” it will not.



The Heads-Up Display has several options.
1. Action
2. RPG
3. Immersive
These come with their own presets; however, the player can alter each of the presets for an overall great feature!


The graphics look wonderful in this game. The scenery feels fresh and vibrant even though around every corner there is a face -sucking monster waiting to make you, their lunch. Those face sucking monsters look great as well. No rendering issues on console nor PC. The adjustable options for the video in the menu are quite limited. No FOV Slider or other high-quality option we elitists have come to love in modern gaming. There is nothing groundbreaking in terms of visuals. Just overall nice looking.


A game with this much parkour certainly needs great control options. This game certainly has both of those. There are a lot of ways to adjust your controls including Expert Grappling Hook Controls, Ammortizer Landing Assist, and a lot more toggleable options.


I am one that loves online gaming. This game has a variety of options for playing on and offline.
Game Types
o Single Player
o Friends Only
o Public
o Private
When online, the player can choose an addition option, “Call for Help: Search and Rescue,” which is a very fun add-on to the overall experience.


Other Features & Key points

  • Online Menu – is separate from Single Player
  • Friends Menu
  • Voice chat
  • Beginner tips aren’t that great
  • Crafting menu much better than predecessor


Alot of games are releasing without necessary items such as voice chat and beginner tips. This game is very well polished out of the box. The “tips” could be better for those that are completely new to the controls. They are similar to Dying Light. Having an online menu that is separate is nice. The online and regular game menus look great and are much easier to navigate than Dying Light 1. The looting system could feel much more rewarding.

Rogue Rating 93.5


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