Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves

Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves

For Wood Elves the Long pass is everything, even more so than their High Elf cousins, and all of their effort goes into being an expert at throwing or receiving. So, get them binoculars out if you’re going to watch these aerial loving elves.

Wood Elf Blood Bowl

Wood Elves Blood Bowl Roster:

Wood Elf Bloodbowl roster costs

Great passers
Fast & agile
Wardancers are exceptional

Somewhat expensive

Famous Teams:


Arranoc Drakes
Athelorn Avengers
Bil Bali Archers
Deepwood Falcons
Greenglade Rooters
Laurelorn Paladins
Oakglade Defenders
Pine Crag Pioneers
Treetop Terrors


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