Survival Rates coming up for days – Skate 3 Gameplay still gold – what games we playing below

Check out the link above to watch 0% survival rate gameplay on Skate 3.

Follow the Facebook page for more exciting Skate 3 content as well as riveting content from many other games.

So, what other games can you see on the page?

No Man’s Sky

NMS is cooking right now. The crazy cool folks at Hello Games have dropped a ton of new features on the game including tame-able creatures, assistant/ pilot-able mechs and much more!

Dying Light 2

This game is an instant classic and must be in the conversation for game of the year. There’s many competitors that will enter that race coming up later this year, but it is at the top for now! Parkour across a beautiful landscape to stay outside of reach from the infected hordes.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is also in the conversation for game of the year for me. Not quite a masterpiece, but as close to gold as we have seen in 2022 so far. Explore a beautiful world full of bosses, minibosses, and other whacky characters for you to destroy.

NFL Clash

A mobile game jumps into this list as I just started playing the incredibly addictive NFL game on mobile devices. Way different than Madden Mobile. You may particularly enjoy it if you have ever been frustrated by Madden Mobile.

State of Decay 2

A game that doesn’t get as much attention as it once did. I see it coming back once we finally get more news regarding State of Decay 3. A different spin on a post-apocalyptic zombie land where you do not play as one character rather as a community. Learn skills to help your community thrive in the dangerous world.

There’s what I am playing folks. Of course, there are many more. I just wanted to highlight a few!

Let me know what you’re playing! Watch that Facebook Reel above and come follow for more!

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