Skate 4 Coming Soon? Skate 4 News & Rumors


Skate 3 has been a hit once again as of late with the resurgence made by placing the game on Xbox’s Gamepass. Rumors and news have been swirling and speculation continues to grow across the interweb. So, what is real and what rumors are there?

Actual News


Very little information has been given to us from the developers of Skate 4. The game was revealed in 2020. It has been 2 years since that announcement came and the press room has been crickets until earlier this year (2022). The news here, the game is indeed being worked on.

Coming soon. Earlier this year, CEO at EA, Andrew Wilson, made some comments that built further speculation. The only real news that was made was that the game “will release soon.”


Andrew Wilson’s comments did drop some fairly interesting hints. He said they wanted to focus on “UGC (User-generated content)”. He made some comparisons with Sims and FIFA / Madden Ultimate Modes. Skate already had a knack for a certain level of UGC with the user skate editor.

One could assume fairly safely that the editor will return. What else could that mean? I would love to see tournament style play come out of this. User generated league play or something of that level. There is a lot you could do within that realm.



We can mostly only speculate further until we get a deeper look at the game. Stay tuned here and we will keep you up to date.

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