Dying Light 2 Update – Parkour Challenges

Dying Light 2 New Parkour updates

The fine folks at Techland continue to roll out fixes as well as additional content for Dying Light 2.

There have been a handful of recent updates to get excited about for your parkour enthusiasts. 2 updates in a roll which added 5 and then 3 new parkour challenges to the Villedor map for a total of 8 new parkour challenges.


Let’s look at them here below:

  1. Grakour – enjoy a fantastic gallery as you show off your rolling skills across rooftops.
  2. My Whole World is a Glider – as you can imagine, lots of flying here.
  3. Suspension of Disbelief – the city is your playground.
  4. Stroll on the River – yes, you will need to swim for this one.
  5. Flying Scorpion– this one has been a thing, Techland is trying to get y’all to play it.
  6. Train to Harran – long run down the tracks which once led to Harran.
  7. Expiration Date – a newfound skill awaits you.
  8. Slam Dunk – ok MJ, you are the ball this time. Bounce across nets and propel yourself from point to point.

I highly recommend these new trials to anyone who might fancy a good parkour challenge. They are widespread across the map in both Old Villedor and within the Central Loop, so getting them compete can take a bit of time.


Go hit them up and let them know how you did! Social media

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