Top 5 Ethereum Based Games – Cryptocurrency games to get excited about – GG

Top 5 Ethereum Based Games – Cryptocurrency games to get excited about – GG

There are an incredible amount of crypto based games popping up in the gaming realm. This article will look at some of the more interesting ones either available now or available soon that work off of the Ether blockchain cryptocurrency.

Why Ether?

Ether is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market. It has been chosen by many stellar games that have me very excited about the future of this particular crypto. It is also quite valuable. I must also mention that it is one of the few cryptocurrencies I own.

What makes a good Ether based game?

Any crypto game needs to be very customizable. This is primarily due to the fact that the games require the use of Ether to play. Ethereum is a very valuable currency. So, essentially, I want to look cool and have cool stuff if I am investing money in the game. The games below have the customization features, but they also look fun to play and invest into.

The Top 5 Ethereum Based Games on my radar:

War Riders crypto mmo
  1. War Riders –
    War Riders looks the part. A highly customizable game that looks and feels rewarding. The game calls itself the first MMO game of earning cryptocurrency and blowing up cars.

    – 3D Gameplay
    – PVP
    – Earn ETH
    – highly customizable vehicles
    – easy to use user interface in-game & marketplace
  2. MegaCryptoPolis

  1. MegaCryptoPolis gives some heavy SimCity vibes. Buy, build, upgrade, and trade virtual buildings and land to create your metropolis. This is a 3D city builder strategy game; however, the development team will be launching a mega, metaverse in the coming quarter.

    – Sim City vibes
    – resource management system outside of ETH
    – large marketplace
    – natural disaster system
  2. Neon District
Neon District crypto rpg

Neon District is an online role-playing game. It will be massively available having a strong emphasis on getting out to the mobile platforms as well as a great presence on PC. Build a squad and compete for resources in this pleasing looking design of a game.

– no need for ETH to play
– minted heroes have a great look

4. Crypto Assault
Crypto Assault makes it to my number 4 spot solely based on its potential. It has immense potential; however, I am curious to see how it develops over time. It is a big open world of mmo fun with tanks, flyers, and other military vehicles which can be used to kill your enemies. Giving strong Total War vibes.

Crypto Assault game

– Total War vibes
– large map
– resource management system

5. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity (Origins)

Axie Infinity is working on expanding themselves to having a strong mobile presence. This is a huge benefit to the game. It is a cute, Pokemon / Digimon -esque game with PvE & PvE elements.

– Adorable Axies
– turn based combat
– addictive

Final Thoughts

It was tough to narrow down the list to 5 Ether based ecosystems. All 5 of these games have immense potential to launch us into the digital age of currency and gaming. I have played an amount of each of these games that are playable, and I am quite impressed. Time will tell which game immerges as the best. For now, that is my list.


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