Deciding what crypto wallet to use? Cryptocurrency

If you are like me then the crypto marketplace looks very difficult to get into. Now I need a virtual wallet to pair with my virtual money. How the heck do I do that?

You might also be asking, “is this crypto wallet a scam?”.


Cryptocurrency is a very valuable item these days and there are certainly scammers out there. Do not fret; however, you may want to do your research. Hopefully, that research starts right here. This article will give you some examples of wallets to use for your crypto buying and selling, as well as storage for your valuables like said crypto and NFT’s.

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What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet allows the user to store virtual currency AND Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s). The user will also be able to use this wallet for buying, selling, and conducting other transactions across the web on crypto marketplaces.

What crypto wallet to use?

In this article, we will talk about 2 wallets. These two wallets work well together and are able to be used across an absolute ton of different web3 and gaming platforms. They are also simpler to use than hardware wallets, which we will get into in another article.
The 2 wallets are:


These 2 wallets are great for beginners. They do not require hardware which makes them simple to use; however, they are less secure than using hardware wallets. I recommend doing further research to secure them further. Whether that be additional factor authorization, etc.

Key points:

  • simpler, yet less secure
  • work on a variety of platforms
  • very easy to use for beginners

The fact that these are easy to use makes them very popular. What is most appealing to me though is that they are both accessible via your computer and mobile device. Again, this makes them less secure, but it also allows you to monitor with convenience.



I have used these platforms (and others) and I do recommend them for beginners and advanced crypto users for their ease of use, simplicity, and convenience. Let me know what crypto products to try next!


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