See Las Vegas? Let’s talk hotels – The Stratosphere Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada in the near future? Before you go blowing your wad on a hotel, read this article.

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Sure, it is a tad run down these days, but there are many places to dive into a drunken adventure all along the strip. There are also many historical spots and museums for the tamer crews out there.

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I would love to tell you about a place to stay in this article; however, this will quickly turn into a hate for the Stratosphere article in just a second. Continue reading.

The Stratosphere Review

The Stratosphere is easily one of the worst hotels we had ever stayed at. I am including the Motel 6’s and Super 8’s of the world in that remark. The management team at the Strat uses terrible tactics to get you to spend lots of money on absolutely nothing. I will get to my remarks on that later in the article.

Key points

  • Not worth the money
  • Dirty, outdated rooms
  • Terrible business practices
  • Very far from the action
  • Restaurants were decent

The Strat not worth the money?

Absolutely not. One might think that a large hotel, a part of a large hotel system would be at least acceptable by modern standards. This was not the case. Let’s first talk about how reservations work. We booked our reservation far in advance. We then find out upon arrival our room was unavailable and that we needed to upgrade in order to have a place to sleep. That was an extra $450 dollars more than the $300 reserved room. You think the spending spree is over now? Not quite. There was an additional $200 waiting for us at checkout. That’s almost 1000 bucks for a room that was:

Dirty and outdated

Yes. One, I found stickers in the floor. Stickers like from outside that poke your feet. This tells me that very little vacuuming had happened prior to our move in. We were told that our “upgrade” would include a microwave. It did not. It did have a shower drain that couldn’t drain. That was nice of them. The room looked like something you would see Mickey and Mallory Knox staying in on their killing spree in, “Natural Born Killers”.

Terrible business practices

I kind of get it. Your miles away from the action and your hotel sucks so you have to squeeze as much money out of folks as possible. Hopefully, you get right in the future.

Far from the action

You will be walking a ton in this city. That can be a great thing, but it is not in this case. The Stratosphere is about 3 miles away from everything you will want to do in Las Vegas.

The Stratosphere Restaurants were decent

I wouldn’t say they were great dining establishments here at the Strat. The food was decent at best. I rather enjoyed The Strat Benny for breakfast. Here are the restaurants you can choose from:

  • Top of the World
  • PT’s Wings & Sports
  • McCall’s Heartland Grill
  • Strat Cafe
  • 108 Eats
  • Elation Pool Cafe & Bar
  • Nunzio’s Pizzeria
  • Starbucks

I recommend the Strat Cafe and Starbucks. The Cafe is okay. Get some breakfast before you go on your way (but I don’t recommend staying at this hotel so it would not be worth it to walk here.) Most Starbucks in town will have long lines. This one does not.

Final Thoughts

Do not stay here.


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