Top Blockchain Games to play right now.

This article will showcase my favorite blockchain games that are able to be played right now. Many blockchain games you find are years away from reaching their potential; however, the ones you see here are at least playable to a decent degree.

No blockchain game is considered complete as the crypto gaming world still needs some time to develop as a whole. These games showcased here are as ready as it gets and are very fun!

The list

1. Blankos Block Party

Plays a little like Fall Guys. If you’re unfamiliar with that then you have been living under a rock. Blankos Block Party is a work in progress which hasn’t reached its full potential but is quite fun to play while it continues to develop.

Game compFall Guys
Blankos Block Party

2. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a very popular blockchain game on the Ethereum and Loom blockchains. It is a fun and simple game which allows the player to collect NFT’s. The spotlight NFT are the Axies themselves. These lovable creatures can do battle with other players as well as fight in PvE.

PlatformsPC, iOS, Android
BlockchainEthereum, Loom
TokenEther, WETH, AXS, Ronin
Game compAny turn-based phone game
Axie Infinity

3. Decentraland

Decentraland has incredible potential. The problem is that much more development needs to be done. Overall, a great place to hang out and play some games.

BlockchainEthereum, Polygon
TokenEther, MANA
Game compSandbox

4. Sandbox

Much like Decentraland, Sandbox needs a lot of development. This will likely be the top game one day.

TokenEther, Sand
Game compRoblox

5. Ethermon

Ethermon probably appeals to the same folks that Axie Infinity appeals to. This game shoots for more evolution features. Collect and battle a variety of Ethermon in PvP and PvE.

BlockchainEthereum, Polygon
Game compAny turn-based phone game
Blankos Block Party

I would love to put some other games on this list. The only problem is most of them aren’t ready to actually play. Many exciting things are coming for the blockchain gaming world, but we are simply not there yet. These games are fun, but even they need work as well.

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