The Long Dark – Survival Rating

RogueSurvival – Rating and Review of The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a true survival game published by Hinterland Studios. You play as a pilot that has crash-landed in the middle of an ice cold, Canadian wilderness. The game prides itself on there being no fantastical threat. The challenges are the wilderness, freezing temperatures, and the Canadian wildlife.

It is great to see a true survival game. The game has a lot going for it; however, there are a few things left to be desired. We will label it all below.


Resource Management
Resources can be very scarce in this game. That is a nice touch to any true survival game. It can make things quite difficult when braving the elements and trying to find an accelerant to start your campfire. We love that!

Crafting & Building
Many items were very difficult to craft as the required items were scarce. Then you find good items in unlikely places. I was underwhelmed by the crafting and building system.

The survival aspects of the game are all present. The cold is your worst nightmare. There are also wolves and other dynamic threats as well. I very much enjoy the harshness of the true survivor feel of the game.

The game just feels a little slow. I do believe that was intentional, but there is simply something missing here. Also, very few items are interactive. Many drawers, boxes, cupboards, and the like were unable to be looted. The loot boxes that do open can have some glitching if you do not hold the interaction button correctly.

Other things I noticed:

  • Climbing is terrible
  • Animals (especially predators) are a little wonky
  • Seems very focused on story aspects

One could see the effort that was put into creating the story. It is very compelling and dramatic. The episodes are individually fairly short, but each has its own share of challenges.

Open Worldliness
The game seems very open. It is very difficult to travel for extended periods of time due to the weather. This feature allows the game map to seem even bigger than it is. Sprinting is also not a button one could simply spam to get around better. The cold, stamina, and environmental concerns disallow that.

PvE vs PvP

PvP? We don’t do that here. You have enough concerns. The PvE aspects are very harsh. This game was intended for use of solo players. Wildlife and the harsh Canadian environment are the primary concerns.

The game has its niche. It’s just you against the environment. This is honestly a nice touch. There are no zombies, no aliens -just you.

The game could certainly use some polishing. There are a variety of game modes and difficulty levels for a wide array of player types to enjoy a playthrough or two. The biggest issues are it feels a tad slow and unfinished.

RogueSurvival Rating 73


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