Madden 23 BETA – What’s new with Madden 23

Madden 23 look – what’s new?

Madden releases a new game every year. It is almost a holiday with everything going on around the Madden release. Releasing player ratings, introducing the cover, and announcing the changes is just part of the overall experience.

Madden 23 Alpha looks, and Beta plays are coming and going, and we are starting to get an idea of what to expect in EA’s latest shot at the title.

So, what is new?

It appears that EA Sports is listening to the public again. That is rarely a good thing for any franchise; however, this one is good for the franchise mode of the game. Yes, it appears that Madden 23 will focus heavily on making the Franchise mode of the game much better.

Madden 23 looks to improve Franchise Mode with such things as:

  • More in-depth scouting and free agency periods.
  • “Smart” free agency periods where players may prefer or even demand certain things like money, wanting a bigger market team, or even wanting to play somewhere warmer. They may even offer team friendly deals if they enjoy playing for their team.
  • Technical improvements
  • Changes to the players mechanics

There is a lot to be excited about with the new Madden 23. Will you be playing?

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