GTA 6 – Ahead of its time? Crypto rewards? Rumors and more

Grand Theft Auto 6 will undoubtedly be ahead of its time. This bit is not just a rumor that has been floating around the water cooler. Which has been the case for everything else we have speculated in the ten years that GTA 5 has been out.

Rockstar / Take Two

Rockstar does seem to have a major interest in making the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise a bonafide slam dunk.

I started out with a plan to write this article based around the things we actually know about the upcoming game title. The rumors are just too big to do that, and we don’t 100% know that much about GTA 6.

Unbelievable Graphics

The only thing we actually know about Rockstars new headliner is that the graphics will be ahead of their time. The words, “ahead of its time”, has been used to describe the graphics by Rockstar themselves. There will be new ambient effects which will allow such visuals as “bugs flying around the player and rain dripping off buildings up to large scale destruction events like skyscrapers crashing to the ground.” – Rockstar Jobs board.


Crypto has become very popular in modern society. Tom Henderson, a well-known game leaker, has claimed that he believes an in-game crypto will be used to reward players for missions, etc. This could honestly be very big for the world of cryptocurrency.

The Map

Leaks are never to be taken as fact. There are many reasons to let something leak and there are plenty of people providing even fake leaks these days. It has been claimed by a ton of outlets that the game map will include 3 cities. 3 cities with a vast map in between. GTA 5 had 1 decent sized city and some outlying communities around the map. 3 versions of Los Santos would require a boat load of space between them. Like 3 Blaine County areas.


Allegedly, we will have 3 primary protagonists. Each of them will have a unique skill, backstory, and place in the world. One of these will likely be a police officer of some kind. That is really the only bit of the rumor mill that can be seen as likely.

Virtual Reality

Video Games Deluxe is apparently working on some VR projects for Rockstar. This is a company that has worked with them in the past. That is all we know.

Wrap up

There are an unbelievable number of rumors to go through for one article. I selected these rumors as they are the ones that seem very likely to actually be included in the game. I will continue to monitor the situation with Rockstar and Take Two Interactive, and I will post as much as I need to in order to keep you up to date.

The game will likely


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