Madden 23 Rookie Wide Receiver Ratings – London low balled? Jameson Williams George Pickens Chris Olave

Rookie wide receiver ratings in Madden

We were walked through a great thing on Twitter from Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). What did we learn about some of the rookie wide receivers and their Madden ratings?


Who will be the best after this season?

5 rookie wide receivers overall Madden 23 rating:

  • Chris Olave (76)

Chris Olave, along with many other players in this article were highly sought after in this past NFL Draft. He comes in with an overall Madden 23 rating of 76. A bit of a shock? look at the rest:

  • Jameson Williams (78)

Jameson Williams arrives in Madden 23 with a 98-speed rating. Which doesn’t seem to have much impact on his 78 overall Madden rating. Though, that is not too bad considering he has never played in the NFL.

  • Drake London (75)
  • George Pickens (74)

Realistically, not all of these guys are likely to turn up in their first season. There is normally at least one rookie wide out that soars above the rest. Who will it be this year? Let me know who you think it will be!


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