As Dusk Falls released today, is it worth playing? As Dusk Falls review + RogueRating

As Dusk Falls released today, is it worth playing?

As Dusk Falls is a very unique game that released at exactly 11:00AM this morning. I went live at 10:58AM and streamed the very first chapter.

First thoughts

Originally, I was thinking to myself that the game was rather slow and full of a boring story. This thought quickly changed as the story became more compelling and the choices became tougher to make.

More thoughts

It is a very unique concept. The game has the ability to allow up to 8 players to make the decisions in the game. These players may join you through their phones, tablets, other gaming platforms, or even as couch co-op participants. You must vote on which choice to make should you choose to play with others.

Another great thing you may do if you’re a streamer is connecting your Twitch channel right to the game. This will allow your audience to vote on the choice you make, and they may even override your final decision.

Features & Key Points

  • Very re-playable
  • Graphically pleasing
  • Difficult decisions

Very re-playable

What makes the game re-playable? The decisions you make are weighed against the choices of others at the end of each chapter. The story is very compelling. These things make you want to replay to see the other outcomes.

Graphically pleasing

It looks like a comic book; however, actors were actually recorded through video to create each scene. The graphics are perfect for the feeling of the game.

Decision making

The decisions start out fairly simple to get you used to the controls and the uniqueness of the game. That quickly changes as you will begin to make choices that feel very heavy!

Wrap up.

The game concept is incredible. I would recommend this game to anyone who is all for a good story and decision-based game.

RogueRating – 78


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