Dying Light 2 getting a battle arena – The opera house rumors

Dying Light 2 released in February. It offers a compelling story with alternate endings based on the players choices during the game. We now have details of a possible DLC to come in the new future which may offer alternate endings as well.


Could it be that Dying Light 2’s upcoming DLC is a gladiator style arena?

Data mining has uncovered a large number of files for an upcoming DLC within the Dying Light 2 game. YouTuber Bub showcased this on his channel just a few days ago. It has since been discussed at length on Reddit and other social platforms.

These files that were discovered seem to show an opera house. A large opera house.

Opera house Dying Light 2

What has Techland said?

Techland, the game’s developer, has said that it wants to get out the first DLC in September. This means that it is about the right time for these files to start making their way to the game. We simply do not know the full details. So, take the upcoming speculation with a grain of salt.


Dying Light 2: Opera Astrid

It appears that this large opera house is the final stage of a gladiatorial style tournament. The player (Aiden) begins fighting at smaller city arenas until he has performed well enough to enter the grand stage.

The story that goes along with the new update possibly has two endings as well.

I am very excited for the upcoming DLC. Let me know your thoughts!


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