Game Rate of the week – Games that suck, games that are underrated / overrated, games that rock! & more!

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I have been looking for a topic that I can cover each and every week. I am going to try to do that here with Game Rate of the Week. This will be an article set which details underrated and overrated games, games that suck and rock.


Suck Game of the Week

Terrible Game

Crew 2
Ubisoft has released many good games, but Crew 2 is not one of them. I put in a good amount of time getting started in Crew 2. I paid my money, completed several missions, and tried to explore as much as possible. This game is garbage and not worth the money.

Rocking Game of the Week

Rocking Game

Fall Guys
Fall Guys is still popping for me. I still have not figured out why this game is so fun and addicting, but it is! You can compete solo or in teams of 2 or 4 to compete in shows. These shows have rounds that you must qualify through.

Underrated Game of the Week


Chivalry 2
The player base seems to have really fallen on this game. I don’t think the player base was ever really that huge; however, the drop off is noticeable. I find myself playing against the same 4 people every game which is unfortunate for such a fun game. Choose between large scale 64 player or 40 player battles OR go small scale with 1v1 and 3v3 player arena battles.

Overrated Games
Rocket League
It’s been Rocket League for quite a while. Not that it is a bad game, but it is overrated.


Upcoming game to be excited about:

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest upcoming game right now. It will be an instant hit for all!

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