CD Projekt working on new Witcher and Cyberpunk games? CDPR codename release

CD Projekt Red has been all over social media unveiling a list of codenames for their upcoming titles. The developer of the Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises received a ton of scrutiny after a shaky launch of Cyberpunk 2077 back in December of 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077 received some overhauling in order to win back some fans, but a good bit of damage had already been done. Now, it looks as if CDPR is trying this PR stunt to try and hype their next upcoming games.

CD Projekt Red working on new games

I do see some purpose in it; however, this could be a build up for a nasty fall if the company overpromises and under delivers once again.

CDPR codenames:

Cyberpunk codename Orion
Orion is the code name for CDPR’s next Cyberpunk game. The dev intends to take the Cyberpunk franchise further by harnessing the potential of the dark future universe.

The Witcher codename Polaris
Polaris is apparently the next installment in The Witcher series. It currently sits in pre-production and is the beginning of a new saga. The company said it aims to release 2 more Witcher games even after Polaris for a new AAA RPG trilogy.

The Witcher codename Canis Majoris
Canis Majoris is separate from Polaris. It will be developed by an external studio, and it will be a standalone game.

The Witcher codename Sirius
Sirius will be developed by The Molasses Flood with support from CDPR. The new Witcher universe game will be much different from the norm of CDPR as the game will provide both single and multiplayer experiences.

Codename Hadar
This is an entirely new project from CDPR. It is not set in the Witcher universe, nor the Cyberpunk universe. It is just slightly more than an idea at this time, but the company apparently has enough of a notion for it to have a code name.

I will keep you up to date on the latest news out of CDPR!


Skull and Bones release pushed back?

Skull and Bones delayed

That’s right. The long-awaited release of Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones game will be even longer awaited. The news hits many of us differently. Some were upset to learn that there most anticipated game would not be releasing in November as they’d hoped. Others were happy that the game would not be releasing alongside other anticipated titles.

No matter your feelings of the delay, the game is pushed back.

Skull and Bones release date: March 9th, 2023

Many massively anticipated titles set to release around the original launch date of Skull and Bones. The newest Call of Duty being the biggest. Modern Warfare 2’s beta hit record highs for players in many categories. Imagine trying to get a new concept off the ground while competing with that.

Time will tell if this was a smart move by Ubisoft.

Golden Eye 007 coming to Xbox?

N64’s 007 Golden Eye

Golden Eye 007 really kicked off a golden age of first-person shooter fun back in 1997. Since then, many shooters have rose in popularity leaving the fan favorite mostly in the 90s.

Rumors of a possible remaster of the game originally had the title slated for 2015, but licensing issues got in the way. Now, Rare has confirmed a release via Twitter.

Rare Ltd on Twitter Golden Eye 007 Xbox

The game will re-release on Nintendo Switch and come then to Xbox Game Pass in 4k resolution with a smoother framerate even in split-screen multiplayer.

This game takes us back to when split-screen multiplayer was THE way to play games. Keep an eye out in Xbox GamePass store.

What games am I playing? Recommendation for games to play this week

Games I am playing

I have found myself going back to older games in the last week. Several games are hitting different as they come back into my library.

What games am I playing right now? Quick look

1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is a game that I poured heaps of hours into for years after it initially launched back in 2016. I led an amazing group of survivors across the maps that had been released in that time and then slowly faded away from the game after years of fun. Ark 2 is set to release sometime in 2023 and it forced me to return to the original for some sandbox fun.

2. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

This is quite an exciting game that is still moderately new. It plays somewhat like a strategy focused rpg, but you are able to command and even fight battles yourself. I was overhyped for this game as I played the original game. I do understand this game will not be for everyone.


3. Black Desert Online

The release of the season servers allowed me to make the level and gear jumps I needed to get back into Black Desert Online. These season servers allowed me to reach the soft cap and hit level 61 in mere days. The game is a world of fun as there is almost too much to do in this mmorpg.

4. Madden 23

It is no secret that I am a fan of the NFL. Madden 23 is very similar the versions of years past and it is still new to me.

5. Other games

I am still playing Fall Guys, RDR2, Skate 3, and many more. These games have kind of been pushed down my play queue for now. Still very good games to consider playing even now.

Game Rate of the week – Games that suck, games that are underrated / overrated, games that rock! & more!

Photo by Florenz Mendoza on

I have been looking for a topic that I can cover each and every week. I am going to try to do that here with Game Rate of the Week. This will be an article set which details underrated and overrated games, games that suck and rock.


Suck Game of the Week

Terrible Game

Crew 2
Ubisoft has released many good games, but Crew 2 is not one of them. I put in a good amount of time getting started in Crew 2. I paid my money, completed several missions, and tried to explore as much as possible. This game is garbage and not worth the money.

Rocking Game of the Week

Rocking Game

Fall Guys
Fall Guys is still popping for me. I still have not figured out why this game is so fun and addicting, but it is! You can compete solo or in teams of 2 or 4 to compete in shows. These shows have rounds that you must qualify through.

Underrated Game of the Week


Chivalry 2
The player base seems to have really fallen on this game. I don’t think the player base was ever really that huge; however, the drop off is noticeable. I find myself playing against the same 4 people every game which is unfortunate for such a fun game. Choose between large scale 64 player or 40 player battles OR go small scale with 1v1 and 3v3 player arena battles.

Overrated Games
Rocket League
It’s been Rocket League for quite a while. Not that it is a bad game, but it is overrated.


Upcoming game to be excited about:

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest upcoming game right now. It will be an instant hit for all!

August 4th Game Release! Turbo Golf Racing

A game you may or may not know about will be releasing on August 4th, 2022. This game looks exciting and perhaps will be just what we need to make it to holiday game releases like, Skull and Bones, God of War, and Modern Warfare 2.

The game we are talking about today is Turbo Golf Racing. Turbo Golf Racing is a game about turbo powered cars, oversized golf balls, and an explosive race to the finish. The game is by Hugecalf Studios and Secret Mode.

Turbo Golf Racing

The game looks to attack customers who might be into games like Rocket League. It looks like you build your loadout for your car and then race in 8 player races with golf balls. Which, tbh, sounds a bit wacky. The wackiness may be just what we need from this type of game.

The game releases on August 4th, 2022 for PC and Xbox.

Upcoming Survival Games – The Day Before

The Day Before is the most requested game among steam users. It is said to be an online multiplayer, zombie survival. The game trailers look incredible. The folks at FNTASTIC even make it look like the game we have all been wanting to fill the void in the zombie survival genre. The only problem is…

The Day Before

The Day Before may not be exactly what it is selling itself as. FNTASTIC is a game developer that doesn’t have a history of churning out great games. Does that mean they do not have the ability to do so?

I have watched the trailers and other information regarding the game. It looks like the game is too good to be true. I hope I am wrong. The zombie survival genre needs some attention.


Best Zombie Survival Games out right now:

  1. Dying Light 2
  2. State of Decay 2
  3. The Last of Us II
  4. Back 4 Blood
  5. Resident Evil Village
  6. 7 Days to Die
  7. The Walking Dead
  8. Day Z
  9. Killing Floor 2
  10. Days Gone

Let’s be real. Days Gone isn’t very good. A few of these on the list are absolutely ancient. The top 3 are slam dunks though. This list is missing a slam dunk that is also an open world, online multiplayer. Not that I am being picky, but maybe something on Unreal Engine 5 would be nice.

Some upcoming games we are keeping an eye on:

  • The Day Before
  • Redfall
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
Redfall coming 2023

These games look incredible. It will be up to the developers to send them home for us. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will be launching as a single player experience with multiplayer to follow. There are not that many details on the multiplayer yet. Redfall will be co-op focused. The Day Before has claimed to be an open world, online multiplayer; however, I do have my doubts on this.

These are the games I will be talking about in the coming days on stream. Hit up the socials to stay up to date!

Dying Light 2 getting a battle arena – The opera house rumors

Dying Light 2 released in February. It offers a compelling story with alternate endings based on the players choices during the game. We now have details of a possible DLC to come in the new future which may offer alternate endings as well.


Could it be that Dying Light 2’s upcoming DLC is a gladiator style arena?

Data mining has uncovered a large number of files for an upcoming DLC within the Dying Light 2 game. YouTuber Bub showcased this on his channel just a few days ago. It has since been discussed at length on Reddit and other social platforms.

These files that were discovered seem to show an opera house. A large opera house.

Opera house Dying Light 2

What has Techland said?

Techland, the game’s developer, has said that it wants to get out the first DLC in September. This means that it is about the right time for these files to start making their way to the game. We simply do not know the full details. So, take the upcoming speculation with a grain of salt.


Dying Light 2: Opera Astrid

It appears that this large opera house is the final stage of a gladiatorial style tournament. The player (Aiden) begins fighting at smaller city arenas until he has performed well enough to enter the grand stage.

The story that goes along with the new update possibly has two endings as well.

I am very excited for the upcoming DLC. Let me know your thoughts!

Games, Games, Games – w/ Goose – What to play, what to look forward to.

There are many games you could be playing right now. Whether you’re a platformer lover, dungeon crawler, or any other kind of gamer. I want to hear about what you are playing! Talk to me on Facebook!


As most of you know, I am looking forward to Skull and Bones the most right now; however, there are plenty of other games to get excited about the nearing release dates. There are also still

Currently playable games

  • As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls has been out for a very short time having just released on July 19th. It is an original interactive drama that explores the entangled lives of two families across 30 years. You and up to 8 players will be able to drive the lives and relationships of multiple characters over numerous chapters and books of gameplay.

  • State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is still worth playing and often gets forgotten about. You play as a community rather than as one single character in this very fun zombie survival game. The uniqueness is what sets it apart from other games.

  • Century Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is a fun free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. Hatch and grow a full roster of dragons to compete in intense arena battles. Rule the skies in fast paced aerial combat. This game can be a ton of fun!

  • Fall Guys

Fall Guys in an instant classic. It is free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale adventure! You and others play as contestants on shows to compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle courses!

  • No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the better space adventures out there. It is all about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. Many additions have been added to this game over the years to make it a sure-fire unique experience.


Games to look forward to

Skull and Bones – upcoming pirate simulation and strategy adventure.
Modern Warfare 2 – Call of Duty’s new game.
Saints Row – the new one!
Humankind – create your own civilization!
Callisto Protocol – survive to escape the horrors of Callisto!

More on these games coming soon!

As Dusk Falls released today, is it worth playing? As Dusk Falls review + RogueRating

As Dusk Falls released today, is it worth playing?

As Dusk Falls is a very unique game that released at exactly 11:00AM this morning. I went live at 10:58AM and streamed the very first chapter.

First thoughts

Originally, I was thinking to myself that the game was rather slow and full of a boring story. This thought quickly changed as the story became more compelling and the choices became tougher to make.

More thoughts

It is a very unique concept. The game has the ability to allow up to 8 players to make the decisions in the game. These players may join you through their phones, tablets, other gaming platforms, or even as couch co-op participants. You must vote on which choice to make should you choose to play with others.

Another great thing you may do if you’re a streamer is connecting your Twitch channel right to the game. This will allow your audience to vote on the choice you make, and they may even override your final decision.

Features & Key Points

  • Very re-playable
  • Graphically pleasing
  • Difficult decisions

Very re-playable

What makes the game re-playable? The decisions you make are weighed against the choices of others at the end of each chapter. The story is very compelling. These things make you want to replay to see the other outcomes.

Graphically pleasing

It looks like a comic book; however, actors were actually recorded through video to create each scene. The graphics are perfect for the feeling of the game.

Decision making

The decisions start out fairly simple to get you used to the controls and the uniqueness of the game. That quickly changes as you will begin to make choices that feel very heavy!

Wrap up.

The game concept is incredible. I would recommend this game to anyone who is all for a good story and decision-based game.

RogueRating – 78