Madden 23 Rookie Wide Receiver Ratings – London low balled? Jameson Williams George Pickens Chris Olave

Rookie wide receiver ratings in Madden

We were walked through a great thing on Twitter from Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). What did we learn about some of the rookie wide receivers and their Madden ratings?


Who will be the best after this season?

5 rookie wide receivers overall Madden 23 rating:

  • Chris Olave (76)

Chris Olave, along with many other players in this article were highly sought after in this past NFL Draft. He comes in with an overall Madden 23 rating of 76. A bit of a shock? look at the rest:

  • Jameson Williams (78)

Jameson Williams arrives in Madden 23 with a 98-speed rating. Which doesn’t seem to have much impact on his 78 overall Madden rating. Though, that is not too bad considering he has never played in the NFL.

  • Drake London (75)
  • George Pickens (74)

Realistically, not all of these guys are likely to turn up in their first season. There is normally at least one rookie wide out that soars above the rest. Who will it be this year? Let me know who you think it will be!

Madden 23 ratings reveal – Devante Adams a 99? Tyreek Hill?

Devante Adams has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for many years now. It would not be a surprise to see him make the 99 club once again. Release schedule below.

pic from Madden 23

This week is the week that all ratings for Madden 23 will be released. Here is the Madden 23 ratings release schedule:

Monday, July 18 – Wide receivers
Tuesday, July 19 – Edge rushers
Wednesday, July 20 – Running backs
Thursday, July 21 – Cornerbacks
Friday, July 23 – Quarterbacks

Madden 23 will launch on August 19th, 2022.

Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill, and others will be in strong contention to make the 99 club this year. Look out for updates!

Skull & Bones – Let’s talk about the bad

Skull and Bones is an upcoming open-world pirate experience that will release on November 8th, 2022. There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to this game. There may be something that will be off putting to players which we will lay out for you today.

Skull and Bones potential bad news?

There is only one issue I see with the game so far that I do not believe many people realize. It is a potential deal breaker for some, and I certainly can see why.

What is that issue?

The bad news

You play as a plundering pirate. The problem is that it doesn’t seem like you are able to actually do any of the boarding other ships or leading your sailors into the forts for seizure. It appears that you only control the ship yourself. We see in some of the game footage that material collection for crafting is also done from the boat.

I do not know how this will affect gameplay. On the one hand, you’re the captain. The captain’s job is to remain with the ship. Being a part of the raiding party would be super fun though. Time will tell if this was the right way to go for Ubisoft.

Wrap up.

I do not know if this will be a bad thing in terms of the overall experience. I do believe a number of potential players were looking for a Sea of Thieves clone. That is not what they are getting here.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be multiplayer? Co-op?

Pic from Hogwarts Legacy FAQ

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming open-world, action-adventure title developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros Games under the Portkey Games label. It will [hopefully] release during holiday at the end of 2022.

The game is an absolute wet dream for Harry Potter lovers as well as general RPG lovers. There is a big open world to explore, tons of unique spells to learn, and a compelling story to be immersed in.

Multiplayer Answer

So, what is missing from this wet dream? The balls. There is no multiplayer. There is no online multiplayer, no co-op mode, and no multiplayer of any other fashion.

This is good for those single player elitists, but a super missed opportunity in the eyes of competitive players. The game will release for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & X|S, as well as Switch & PC. There is no need to ask, “Will Hogwarts Legacy be crossplay?” Because it is disappointingly not even multiplayer.

GTA 6 – Ahead of its time? Crypto rewards? Rumors and more

Grand Theft Auto 6 will undoubtedly be ahead of its time. This bit is not just a rumor that has been floating around the water cooler. Which has been the case for everything else we have speculated in the ten years that GTA 5 has been out.

Rockstar / Take Two

Rockstar does seem to have a major interest in making the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise a bonafide slam dunk.

I started out with a plan to write this article based around the things we actually know about the upcoming game title. The rumors are just too big to do that, and we don’t 100% know that much about GTA 6.

Unbelievable Graphics

The only thing we actually know about Rockstars new headliner is that the graphics will be ahead of their time. The words, “ahead of its time”, has been used to describe the graphics by Rockstar themselves. There will be new ambient effects which will allow such visuals as “bugs flying around the player and rain dripping off buildings up to large scale destruction events like skyscrapers crashing to the ground.” – Rockstar Jobs board.


Crypto has become very popular in modern society. Tom Henderson, a well-known game leaker, has claimed that he believes an in-game crypto will be used to reward players for missions, etc. This could honestly be very big for the world of cryptocurrency.

The Map

Leaks are never to be taken as fact. There are many reasons to let something leak and there are plenty of people providing even fake leaks these days. It has been claimed by a ton of outlets that the game map will include 3 cities. 3 cities with a vast map in between. GTA 5 had 1 decent sized city and some outlying communities around the map. 3 versions of Los Santos would require a boat load of space between them. Like 3 Blaine County areas.


Allegedly, we will have 3 primary protagonists. Each of them will have a unique skill, backstory, and place in the world. One of these will likely be a police officer of some kind. That is really the only bit of the rumor mill that can be seen as likely.

Virtual Reality

Video Games Deluxe is apparently working on some VR projects for Rockstar. This is a company that has worked with them in the past. That is all we know.

Wrap up

There are an unbelievable number of rumors to go through for one article. I selected these rumors as they are the ones that seem very likely to actually be included in the game. I will continue to monitor the situation with Rockstar and Take Two Interactive, and I will post as much as I need to in order to keep you up to date.

The game will likely

Skate 4 will be free to play? Everything we know on Skate (Skate 4) News

Skate 4 is one of the games that I am following very closely. The Skate franchise kicked off in 2007 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. New titles were released in 2008, 2009, and 2010. That 2010 title, Skate 3, had to hold us over until now.

Will Skate 4 be free to play?

The word now being a relative term as the game will not likely release until 2023.

Here is everything we know right now:

  1. Free to play
  2. Title name
  3. Emphasis on multiplayer

Free to Play


The game does appear to be launching as a free to play title. This will include a very detailed micro-transaction system for players to spend money on the game. At the end of the day, the game needs to make money. EA has said that the micro-transactions will be only for cosmetic upgrades and that the game will not be pay-to-win.

Title Name

It seems that the game we have been calling Skate 4 or Sk4te will actually be named Skate. This is so that the game will be able to run indefinitely without a sequel. EA will add to it and make necessary upgrades over time. Many games are going to this live-service model now.


Emphasis on Multiplayer

Testing has been ongoing with regard to the lobbies. Session testing with up to 60 players have been done. This could be incredible for Skate. That fact paired with the live-service model tells me that EA is looking to really hit on multiplayer with this next Skate.


I am very excited for what I am seeing from EA right now. The game does seem to be a long way off. 2023 might even be a tad optimistic.

Ship List – Skull and Bones

There are 12 ships in Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull and Bones game. Here are the base versions of the ships that we know today:

Ship List for Skull and Bones


LightHunter-gathererRiver, Coastal, Ocean
Starter Ship – Skull and Bones

The Dhow is the beginner ship that the player receives upon entering the game. This ship is not intended for combat; however, one may need to defend themselves early on. Spears and other hand weapons may need to be crafted early.


SmallCargoRiver, Coastal, Ocean4
Small Ships, Cargo Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Automatic harvesting; Improved harvesting


SmallFirepowerRiver, Coastal, Ocean2
Small Ships, Firepower Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved brace efficiency; More broadside weapon damage


SmallNavigationRiver, Coastal, Ocean2
Small Ships, Navigation Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Better defense at half sails; Improved sails break ability


Medium Ships, Cargo Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved cargo capacity; Sails and fire resistance


Medium Ships, Cargo Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved brace efficiency; Improved hull hitpoints


Medium Ships, Firepower Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved defenses on anchor; Improved damage on anchor


Medium Ships, Cargo Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved fire efficiency; More damage to burning ships


Medium Ships, Navigation Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved repair kit duration; Improved repair weapons


Medium Ships, Navigation Ships, Skull and Bones

Perks: Improved front weapon damage; Improved ramming damage


Large Ships, What is the cutter? Skull and Bones


Large Ships, What is the Corvette? Skull and Bones


Large Ships, What is the Corvette? Skull and Bones

We do not yet know the details of the Corvette and the Cutter. We can guess that they are large ships. We can also guess that one is a Firepower ship, and most likely the other is a Cargo ship. We do not know which is which.

Types of Damage revealed – Skull and Bones – Ships

There are many ways to inflict damage to opposing ships in Skull and Bones. They each have their strengths and weakness, so it is pivotal to know what type of damage you’re doing in this amazing looking game.

Ship damage – Skull and Bones

There are many variations of weapons and armor in Skull and Bones. It only makes sense that these weapons and armor handle or provide damage in varying ways.

Here are the damage types:

  • Blunt
  • Explosive
  • Piercing
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Crushing
  • Tearing

Most of these are very self-explanatory. These are the ways that your many weapon combinations may inflict damage upon enemy ships. There are multiple types of armor which can be attached to ships to reduce damage from specific types of damage.


I look forward to sharing more information with you all regarding skull and bones! We will get more information about damage calculations in the future, and I will help design your meta!

Skull and Bones – Let’s talk ships! Upcoming ship features

There are many reasons to keep a close eye on the release of Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Skull and Bones. The biggest reason for me is seeing just how customizable are the ships? This article will hopefully add a bit of clarity on the subject and add a little caboose to your hype train!

Ship customization in Skull and Bones

There are apparently 12 different ships that will be available for customization upon release. What it takes to unlock each is a mystery for now. 12 is a really great number to get hyped about, but we do not know whether more will be added later!

What we do know is that Ubisoft is really shooting for quality customization options. These will include both cosmetic and functional loadout options to choose from.

Ship Categories – Skull and Bones

Ship Categories

  • Cargo – these ships are bulky, slow, and do not maneuver well but they can carry a large amount of loot!
  • Navigation – These exploratory vessels make up the fastest of the ship categories. They will not stand up well in a sustained fight and they cannot carry as much as Cargo ships.
  • Firepower – As one would imagine, these are the best battleships. Blocky hulls. Not fast like Navigation ships and not able to carry as much a Cargo ships.


Each ship will also come equipped with a perk. As you rank up in the world you will unlock varying types of ships with varying skills.

Size and profile

There are some additional factors to consider when choosing which ship to set sail. The Draught Profile determines whether a ship is able to go inland or navigate more shallow depths such as rivers. Larger ships have more Weapon Availability than smaller ships. Giant Ballista or Greek fires may only be mounted on larger ships, but larger ships cannot access rivers or lakes.

Weapons / Loadouts

Weapons Ships Skull and Bones


  • Demi-Cannon
    Demi-Cannons are short range shotgun style cannons that deal flooding damage.
  • Long gun
    Long guns are range and precise weapons that can deal blunt or fire damage. May be slow to fire.


There are 3 types of mortars revealed to us so far. They are:

  • Blasting Mortar
    The Blasting Mortar deals a large explosive radius but can take longer to reach its target. Deals explosive damage.
  • Siege Mortar
    Siege Mortars blast radius is a bit less than its counterparts, but it does deal a very high amount of damage called, crushing damage.
  • Repair Mortar
    The Repair Mortar is a unique mortar in that it deals no damage. It repairs allied ships.
Weapon loadouts on Skull and Bones from Ubisoft


  • Siege Bombard
    Siege Bombards create a large blast radius of piercing damage in a reduced area.
  • Flaming Bombard
    As one would expect, Flaming Bombards deal fire damage.
  • Repair Bombard
    Like the Repair Mortar, Repair Bombards repair allied ships. Bombards have a shorter range than mortars.


There are 2 types of ballistae, Multibolt and Twin Winch.

  • Multibolt Ballista inaccurately fires a full bundle of bolts that deal flooding damage.
  • Twin Winch Ballista are long ranged and accurate bolt firers that deal piercing damage.


Yes, we get friggin’ rockets!

  • Revolver Rockets – less shots than a field rocket but is piercing damage.
  • Field Rockets – fire a volley of rockets with improved range and speed over the revolver rockets. Deals explosive damage.


Greek Fire – Skull & Bones
  • Quick Release – flood damage
  • Explosive – explosive damage

Greek Fire

The Greek Fire is a short-range flame thrower.

Armour & Attachments

Reinforced Wood ArmorPiercing and CrushingFlooding and Fire
Metal ArmorBlunt and CrushingPiercing and Fire
Spiked Metal ArmorBlunt and Crushing
Increases ramming damage
Piercing and Fire
Terracotta ArmorPiercing and FireExplosive and Crushing
Stone ArmorPiercing and FireExplosive and Crushing
Leather ArmorExplosive and FirePiercing and Flooding
Ship Armor, Skull and Bones

Other attachments are items such as cargo bags. Cargo bags attach externally to the ship and allow for carrying larger amounts of cargo. These will take damage which can be good or bad. Since they attach externally, damage taken by the cargo bags may not damage the integrity of the ship. On the flip side, you may lose all your loot!

You may also acquire some furniture for your ship. Furniture can do a variety of things. It may add buffs to crew, improve their morale, or just provide that Feng Shui you’ve been looking for!

Skull and Bones from Ubisoft – release details and more!

Ubisoft’s new Skull and Bones game release details & more!

Skull and Bones is an upcoming action & adventure title that was inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy. There are some games out there which allow the gamer to release their inner pirate, so why should we care about this Ubisoft original title?

For starters, the game looks incredible!

Key features:

  • Made by Ubisoft
  • PvE or PvEvP
  • Ship customization
  • Graphically pleasing
  • 2 buddy passes to invite your friend for a free trial

Made by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released a game or two that was not quite optimized for gameplay. Siege is a great example of what I am talking about. The game released with some criticism but was able to rise to high levels of excellence. I do expect this game to need some polish upon release as we are having to get used to that in the new era of gaming. Ubisoft does work diligently to improve their games.

PvE or PvEvP

There are a couple of piracy themed games available on all platforms. One of the bigger issues with these games is appealing to those who do not seek player versus player experiences. Skull and Bones will appease those with its handling of PvE and PvEvP modes that will be available to all.


12 different types of ships will be in the initial release of the game. This is a very exciting concept as we keep a close eye on the exact customization news. I am mostly interested in seeing the depth of customization that is going to roll out upon release. A mixture of weapon types that are optimized for varying levels of piracy will be key. I also want to see many cosmetic options available!



We haven’t seen an incredible amount of what we are getting at launch; however, the little we have seen looks quite incredible! Ubisoft does not typically struggle in the nice-looking game department. I have no reason to suspect this will change with Skull & Bones.

Buddy Passes

Ubisoft is allowing anyone who bought the game to hand out up to 2 buddy passes. These will allow the owner of the game to let their friends try out the game for a limited time.


Release info

Release DateNovember 7, 2022
PlatformsXBOX X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Switch, Luna
ModesSingle player, Online Multiplayer (2-20)
EditionsStandard $69.99, Premium $99.99
Should you buy?Yes
Skull and Bones release info


There are numerous aspects to get excited about with this game. I will be keeping a very close eye on it as we get closer to release!