Quick look at the split screen / Couch Co-op feature on Borderlands 3

Taking a quick look at the split screen / Couch Co-op feature on Borderlands 3. One of the best features in Borderlands has to be this splitscreen feature. You can play locally with a pal, family member, or significant other. In this mode you can also invite other to join your game.

Shortly after high-jacking this Cyclone we brought in a friend to make this a 3 person team included in our split screen action. Some early game content can be very tough by yourself. I highly recommend taking full advantage of these team up features to make your game play a little more enjoyable.

Gaming with your significant other is a great way to spend an evening. Very few games these days allow local co-op or split screen features. Borderlands 3 features a variety of ways to game up with a pal, and it is also a ton of fun.

I like to video quick, seamless actions like us high-jacking this Cyclone. It was a quick action, and my teammate cleaned up the mess. Great teamwork. To connect with us, use the buttons below!

Borderlands 3 – Digital Unboxing – Initial thoughts and review of Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 4

I recently started playing Borderlands 3. I am not very familiar with the franchise at all. I like how so far, Borderlands 3 attempts to get me caught up on the events of previous titles, but not having playing the Borderlands 1 or 2 I feel at a disadvantage.

I started with Moze and have sense tried Fl4k as well. I like both characters, but decided to continue progressing through the game with Moze. I have also joined many social media pages with subjects on Borderlands 3. The community so far seems hit and miss with trolls, but the majority seem willing to help. Most seem to just be looking for people to play with which makes me question the longevity of the game.

Other than that though, I have uploaded some earlier game footage to show additional newcomers what they can expect initially.

I think it is a very fun game to play. The graphics are fairly unique, and allow you to get immersed in the world of Borderlands. The story is a tad tough to grasp initially. There were times I was unsure what I was trying to accomplish. Being unfamiliar with the titles probably made this the case.

Features I found most interesting.

  1. Split-screen. This Game can be played locally in an old school, couch co-op fashion. You simply need to add a controller with your pal, family member, or significant other -and get hunting. This is a very cool feature and lessens my worry of the game’s longevity as even if the player base leaves; me and my best gal can still enjoy a play through.
  2. Good mix of action packed shoot em up and exploration. I could go for hours between boss hunting and just exploring. I found the start and go-ability of this game to be a great feature. You can play for minutes and/or hours while having plenty to do in a short and long term playing capacity.
  3. First Person Looter. This game makes me feel like I’m playing a classic first person shooter / looter because that is exactly what I am playing. I feel that I am only getting a brush with the full looting experience early on, and the game continually makes me feel like I have much to grind for long term.

Overall and, to keep this digital unboxing brief -My initial thoughts of this game is very positive, and I look forward to playing long term.

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Gameplay Aspects – Efficiency Tips and Tricks – Black Desert Online – Overview of Using All Aspects Collectively in BDO

Black Desert Online is a game that many play with the same mindset as other mmorpg’s. Doing so will leave you burnt out in a hurry. This game is not Elder Scrolls Online; it’s not Final Fantasy Online. It’s simply a game all it’s own. Being that I am into content creation, I attempt to play with many people in this game and get to know people. In doing so, I realize a ton of people are coming over from Elder Scrolls Online with a very similar mentality used in that game. That will get you started in Black Desert Online, but it is not sustainable.

Elder Scrolls Online is very dungeon focused. There are plenty of other things to do yes, but to get the best gear -you must dungeon dive. Bdo does not have the same sort of rules as other mmorpg’s. To get the best stuff, dungeon diving alone will not net you long term success. You must do a little bit of all the aspects of the game. Example -alts. Having alternate characters is rewarded in BDO. Many players coming over from ESO are automatically against stockpiling alts in BDO. There simply wasn’t the need to in ESO; however, it is necessary in BDO.

What will you find in this article? Hopefully a good read with one or two tips thrown in that I have found throughout my Black Desert experience. I am no expert, is anyone? But hopefully the reader can find something useful here. These are sort of the important aspects of the game to be used collectively, as well as some tips along the way.

To be most efficient in BDO, you must take part in all of the aspects of the game!

Aspect 1: Using Alts

Using Alts

So while we are on the topic. Let’s look at alts. The map is huge, and it’s only getting bigger as updates come. I play on PS4 so much of the map is locked at this time for us. There is also no fast travel in Black Desert Online, so you ESO players better get used to hoofing it! One way to make getting places much easier -use alts. At this time, I have 9 characters myself, which gives me 2,250 energy to use when full. I have 1 (Tamer) whose sole existence is to collect milk, lizard meat, corn, and select other things. She is also very close to Calpheon and Hexe Sanctuary. Strategically located to limit her travel time to all the things I have her for. All of her 250 energy can be used in an efficient way, making her a valuable alt. I have another alt whose sole purpose is gathering lion meat. Why Lion Meat you ask? Lion meat is used in King of Jungle Hamburg, which my Warrior loves to consume, and we’ll get into that later. For now, let’s look at a few other things we can spend our energy on.

Night & Day Vendor

The Night Vendor (NV) is probably the best thing to spend energy on in all of BDO. This is because it has a chance of selling some of the best gear in the game from between 50% to 300% of its market value. You can get lucky and get a very cheap pair of Muskan Shoes, or if you’re like me be happy paying extra for them. The day vendor has some pretty good items worth buying as well, but the night vendor is where many players spend all of their energy. It will cost you 50 energy per random roll of the Night Vendor, and 10 energy per random roll with the day vendor. Below is a look at what they could possibly be selling:

Day and Night Vendor Inventories

It may take you awhile to find the piece you’re looking for, but this is the best place to focus your efforts in between grind and life skilling. It takes awhile for all of your characters energies to replenish, but don’t waste it.

Sell on the Central Market (CM)

I have come across a number of people in game who did not know you could actually sell your energy via the CM. This is indeed the case. I highly discourage this use of energy because you could use that energy for much better things. You’re wasting any chance at top grade items from the NV, and could even use that energy on any of the other methods we are going to list. Letting a character sit there idle with max energy though, is also a waste of energy. So IF you’re not going to use it -sell it on the CM. I buy energy from there myself sometimes to have an extra shot at the NV. Energy is very valuable on the CM though, so make yourself some money rather than waste it. Or, if it doesn’t sell -leave it, and use it later. So how do you sell energy on the CM? You need to see Alustin the Alchemist in either Velia or Alejandro Farm, and exchange your energy for energy potion. This stores your energy in a tangible, sell-able item to register on the CM.

  • Energy Potion (Small) – Exchange 50 Energy to make this Potion which restores 10 energy.
  • Energy Potion (Medium) – Exchange 100 Energy to make this Potion which restores 20 energy.
  • Energy Potion (Large) Exchange 150 Energy to make this Potion which restores 30 energy.
  • Energy Potion (Extra Large) – Exchange 200 Energy to make this Potion which restores 50 energy.
Black Desert_20200206115655

As you can see, this is a very wasteful method, but can be valuable rather than completely wasting energy.

Invest It!

Other than the NV, the best thing you can do with your energy is invest it in nodes. Later in this article we will talk about investing this energy into nodes, the benefits, and how this all fits together. For now, know that it should cost a ton of energy to do this correctly.


Another good use of energy is SLAUGHTERING animals in mass.

Perhaps by now you have heard of sheep farming or some other version of this. Basically, there are a few places around the map that allow you to kill and butcher / tan hundreds of animals in very little time. The benefit? Any form of gathering can be a great way of collecting hard / sharp crystal shards and other valuable items. The downside? This costs energy. Many players do this method on the Sheep just north and west of Heidel, Pigs near the Mansha Forest, Cheetah Dragons towards Altinova, and many many others. Find yourself something you like to kill and go to town!

Of course there are many many more ways to spend our energy, but there is 3 pretty good ways to do it. So now with our alts, we know that they are important aspects of the game because we can put them in strategic locations to farm efficiently, and use the additional energy. Alts can also be good for:

Aspect 2: Lifeskilling & Crafting


Lifeskilling does not have to be done necessarily by an alt. You can purchase a house for contribution points (CP) in a town near primary ingredients that character can use. For this example, I will tell you a little about my tamer. My tamer has increased cooking skill. She stays at all times at Nain Farmland (Riverside Farmland). This node is close to Calpheon and Hexe Sanctuary. This allows her to be the alt which farms Hexe Sanctuary, but also get any cooking materials she may need and use the storage and central market from Calpheon. Bain Farmland features cows to harvest, corn, lizard meat, and a purchasable house to place cooking tools. So that is how I do it. You can do the primary life skilling with your primary character too though, just whatever works for you best.

Lifeskilling is an aspect though that must be done in order to have an efficient gaming experience in Black desert Online. There are huge life skilling guilds where everyone focuses on PVE and lifeskilling. As one may guess, these players are loaded with silver. Lets take a look at life skills.

  • Gathering
  • Processing
  • Training
  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Sailing
  • Cooking
  • Hunting
  • Alchemy
  • Trading

No one life skill is necessarily better than the others. Increasing each skill will decrease the effort needed to do more with each individual lifeskill. They all can be used together to make the other easier as well. Cooking and alchemy often go hand in hand because many of the ingredients in their respective recipes are the same. You can farm, gather, hunt, fish, and process to earn many of these ingredients, some of which can only be found using these skills. Devoting time and effort into life skills make your whole gaming experience easier.

LifeSkill tip:

Yes, selling fish will up your Trading Skill. Drying them and then packaging 10 dried fish of the same species through your workers and fish fish factory, and then selling that packaged item 10 towns over is much more profitable. I dry everything I catch and make as many packaged fish crates as I can. What to do with the ones I can’t package? Use them in cooking recipes!


The best way to make money on the CM is through crafting. It is also the cheapest, easiest, most efficient way to get some good items for yourself.

There are many things worth crafting in my other guides. Please review them for ideas of what to craft yourself and/or sell. Ones currently available:

Processing –






And of course there are more coming!

Lifeskills and crafting make our other aspects easier such as:

Aspect 3: Nodes

Investing CP in nodes and connecting node is super valuable. You can transport storage items across connected nose, send workers to craft in connected nodes, and trade across connected nodes. Many players use this feature to connect out to sea towns where they have created large fishing industries. This can be good if you like to hit fishing hotspots and sell the gold fish across the map for huge profit. Working with nodes and lifeskilling can also break up the day to day mob grind as well as make you loads of money. There is an absolute ton of information about nodes we could go into. Many of which will have to be saved for another article. What I mostly want to point out here is that using nodes along with the other aspects we are talking about is very important. Using all of these collectively can making your Black Desert Gaming experience much more efficient.

As you can see so far, nodes lifeskills, and having alts have all worked hand in hand. As does:

Aspect 4: Grinding Mobs

Grinding Mobs

To be efficient in BDO, one must grind the absolute crap out of mobs. One of the best ways to go about this is to set your alts up in range of your favorite grind spots. You only need them geared up enough to grind the particular mob they are after. My tamer, for example, is set up to grind Hexe Sanctuary. She doesn’t need 500 gear score to do this. Wasting too many resources on her takes away from my main character, so she is set up with a luck set. This luck set makes me feel good about my RNG chances alone, but it works for me. If you spread these characters out across the map, you can farm Dailies. These are the quests that are given daily in regards to a particular mob group. They will give chances at additional CP and knowledge of monsters as you grind them daily.

Do your homework and see what mobs give the items you’re mostly seeking. Grunil armor can be found at Helms, Sausans, and many other places. Set yourself up for success by doing your homework.

So if grinding mobs is such an important aspect, how does it impact the other aspects? Setting up your node empire to include your favorite grind spots allows you to invest energy into them. I mentioned earlier in the article that we would go over this, and now is the perfect time. Investing energy into your favorite grinding node increase the item drop rate for that particular node. Not sure which node to invest in? follow these steps:

  • Open Map
  • Hold Triangle (PS4) press right to tab all the way over to Node War information
  • Hit X on the node you are curious about
  • View its area
  • Repeat until you find the zone you will be operating in

This is a method that I found many don’t know. It gives me the best visual understanding of what that node covers, and where to spend my energy. 1 final tip on this, for best results -spend thousands of energy. You will notice a difference if done correctly, and you can also use this in tandem with item drops scrolls, etc.

So how does lifeskilling help or receive help from mob grinding? Lifeskilling recipes can be used in giving us buffs to make grinding easier, and grinding itself can help us find those items for lifeskilling. The relationship between lifeskilling and mob grinding is mutually beneficial. You can grind for grunil armor while having grunil armor crafted in one of you workshops, connected by an invested node. And you see, they all work together!

Aspect 5: Being in a Guild

Guild Information

Being a part of a guild has many benefits. This game was meant to be played BOTH solo, AND together. There are times for both. Many guilds use a chat app, either Facebook Messenger or Discord being the most common I have seen in the 4 guilds I have now been in. I personally prefer the organization of Discord. Using these types of communication can be great for an efficient gaming experience. Guild officers may post World /field Boss information, allow you to have a voice in the guild, teach you things you didn’t know about the game. Perhaps you teach them something you learned from this article! Guilds also offer great passive and active skills to members, host Guild boss scrolls, and can even help you in your Pvp Skills.

Aspect 6: PvP

To get some of the best gear in the game -you’re going to have to fight for it. The Red Battlefield is the place to get unique items such as Red Battlefield Crystals. These are notably different (usually better, depending on use) than most other kinds of crystals to place in your gear sockets. To get these crystals you must enter the Red Battlefield and kill other players. Killing other players on the Red Battlefield will give you Red Seals, which can be exchanged for Red Essence, which in turn can be Processed into a Red Battlefield Crystal.

Some other key PvP times include, defending you grinding spots and Node/Conquest Wars. Nothing puts a damper on mob grinding more than having a drop scroll popped, and getting killed by other grinders in game. Hold your own, and grind that grunil!

Which brings me to:

Aspect 7: Getting Geared

Getting Geared

The fruits of our labor is getting geared. In future articles I will be going over some various builds for your reading pleasure. We will take a look at builds that people all know and love as well as some unique builds to try out. Some may make great mains, and others may be great for alts. Do you need both Kutum and Nouver? What should you be going for with an accuracy build versus evasion build. etc. These are all things to consider when getting geared. We are going to tackle this aspect as deep as we can.

Check in with us often to get a look at these when they drop! For now, just know that we all play, grind, and kill hours and hours in this game for gear! Using alts, Lifeskilling, Nodes, Mob Grinding, PvP & Gearing up are the aspects we need to pour hundreds of hours into COLLECTIVELY in order to get our hands on this gear most efficiently. Many players try to focus on one or a couple of these. Using all of them together is the only way to be efficient at our end result. Getting geared up!

In fact, all of these aspects will be getting a lot of coverage on https://atomic-temporary-171942925.wpcomstaging.com so stick with us, and let us know what you would like to see covered next along with our gear guides!

I hope you enjoyed the article. Reach out to us for more information or to party up! See you all out there. Use the buttons below to connect with us.

Mount & Blade: Warband Tactics and Strategy Written Story

A tingle finds my spine no matter the odds of battle. The calm before the clash of shields on shields allows roars to fill my mind. What will this battle have in store for me and the brave ones that follow.

Knowing the enemy is approaching, I command my troops to take up the positions just as we had practiced. We create lines to easily gain ranged superiority, and provide easier maneuverability as the battle progresses. I place my cavalry upon the apex of these lines in hopes of flanking ground troops upon approach.

We will create structured chaos against our foes.

I see the forces in the distance, and ready me lines. The first wave of enemy fights their way through the barrage of arrows sent from our archers and crossbowmen. I order the infantry to pass the lines of the ranged unit, and then order their charge.

The cavalry follows me from the apex to employ our flank as the infantry readies putting shield on shield. The first wave is out maneuvered and their reinforcements are out of range.

We fight on. Multiple waves fall victim to our superior strategy. The battle becomes more and more calm as our victory is secured. I look around to see the mass piles of bodies. Some of my own troops lay wasted upon the battlefield. I look around to see some fleeing. The anger of loss of my soldiers overcomes me, and in a rage I run to silence those running from battle.

Back towards the epicenter of the fight I hear a “Hoorah”. My men cheering as I run my sword across the last enemies spine. Victory is ours. We should find an area nearby to let the victors relax. Maybe I’ll find a book to read. Maybe they will be in a book someday as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and the story to follow. I am hoping to do more of this type of article. If you guys liked it let me know, and reach out to us using the buttons below.

Using Poke Genie assistant in Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone!

Poke Genie App

In the video, you can see me going through the various tabs in the app. These are the free features which anyone can use with the free download. They are very handy. So let’s take a look at them here. The video is me using Poke Genie assistant in Pokemon Go (POGO) for Android and iPhone!



The Pokedex let’s you keep additional information of Pokemon you register to it from the Pogo.

Name Generator

The name generator is a very helpful tool. I see people ask on social media all the time “how do you get those little numbers to the side of their name?”. Most active players in Pogo use some form of Poke assistant. I prefer Poke Genie. Those ‘little numbers’ you may ask about on social media allow me to keep track of Pokemon from a variety of screens. I add their move-sets as I have some Pokemon who have double water attacks with resistance against certain attributes, good for some scenarios, and other (same Pokemon) have electric attacks with the same resistance. Being able to identify this from just the Pokemon’s name can save time, and be very helpful.

Battle Simulator

Battle Simulator helps you find top counters to use versus the various Raid Bosses. You can find top counters within your own current arsenal or top counters within all current Pokemon. This could help you prepare for an upcoming Raid event, or let you know what Pokemon you need to be working on for the next one! You can change the weather, friendship level, attack strategy, and sort in a couple different ways.


My Pokemon

My Pokemon is another free feature that gives you an easy way to see exactly what you have.


The home screen allows you to pull up the overlay and launches Pogo automatically (setting can be changed).

Once you are in the Pokemon Go app you can access additional features. As you see in the video, when I scan a Pokemon the custom name template I have chosen automatically copies the new name to my clipboard.

That’s about it from the free version. Pokie Genie is a great tool, easy to use, and I highly recommend it to any Pokemon Go Trainer.

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Processing Life Skill BDO- Tips and Tricks with Processing in Black Desert Online a PS4 Gamer’s Perspective

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Processing – The process of processing materials is a process in which we process materials into processed materials. Many Black Desert Online players are seemingly afraid of the various life skills. There are many benefits to committing to learning life skills; however, it has it’s share of challenges.

Processing is a life skill showed on the left side of your “My Information – Life Skill” Menu. It is there along with gathering because of its importance to life skilling in general. Processing and gathering are essential to a great merchant empire.

Processing is best built while AFK. Being AFK means that you are not actively playing at that time. An older PC term “Away from keyboard” has made it to console lingo. So why is that important? Many life skills can be done AFK in order to set you up better for later. When I come into a Black Desert Session. I first log into my Warrior (main) and accept my daily rewards, family fame fund, etc. I then go over to my cooking alt, Shai or Tamer. I cook any items I may need for the session if not already done, and then place them in storage for my Warrior to collect. I switch back to Warrior. I grab the cooked items I need and then grab whatever processing materials I will need later. For this example I will say, rubies. Rubies are common items in jewelry crafting. I go through a lot of these, so I am always in need of them. I grab a good stack of them, and then head off on my mob grinding adventure. Whenever I go to the bathroom or get a fresh cup of coffee in real life (rl), I have the Warrior process while I am AFK. Doing this during a play session is being very efficient with your session.

Karki Suit Warrior at Belgar in Altinova to buy Manos for 5,000,000 silver

Many BDO players conduct life skills while AFK for extended periods of time. Overnight while you sleep, or while you’re at work. This is bad for your PlayStation to be running 24/7, but great for your life skill character. A character can process large amounts of materials while you are AFK. One of the biggest issues players run into here is weight limits. Crafting materials have weight. Thousands of them have a lot of weight. Your character will not process while he/she is overweight. So how do we overcome this? The best way is to get a Karki Suit Set (male) or Venecil Dress Set. These are pearl shop items, of course, but they are very handy if you can get your hands on one. In addition to providing +3% Processing Success Rate, these sets also provide the wearer the ability to process materials directly from the Storage Window. That ability would make the weight issue a distant memory.

Black Desert Valkyrie Venecil Dress Set

When I do these types of articles, I like to give some good examples of things that I craft using the subject life skill. Earlier I had mentioned Rubies. So I will continue both topics by describing how I create Manos Ruby Earrings using processing and those rubies. Manos Ruby Earrings are a pain to begin crafting. The process as a whole is very lengthy, subjectively expensive, and challenging if not set up correctly. What will we need?

Manos Ruby Earring

  • Corrupt Ruby Earring x1
  • Manos x1
  • Blood Ruby x1
  • Pure Vanadium Crystal x3

Simple recipe right? Not at all. The easiest of these ingredients to get is Manos. Manos will cost you $5,000,000 silver… each. The current value of Manos Ruby Earring is $14,900,000 max bid on Central Market (CM). Its great if you are going after these because of their CM profitability, but understand there is 5m Silver off the top automatically. Manos can be purchased from a Jeweler. I use the Tier 3 Manos Jewelry Workshop and the Tier 5 Jewelry Workshop in Altinova. They are Altinova 5-8 (Manos) and Altinoa 4-5 (Jeweler). They will cost you 11 Contribution Points (CP) each, for a total of 22 CP. You are already 5m silver in the whole so you can see how expensive this endeavor is. Blood Rubies and Pure Vanadium Crystals require more knowledge than the average beginner has.

Where do I obtain this knowledge in order to continue? Look at your quests. Tab over to the “Suggested” tab of the quest menu. Scroll to [Certificate] Skilled Paradigm. If you have any future in crafting with your own resources. You will need to complete this. To craft all the required items for this exercise though, you will need to advance to level 6/11. This will give you knowledge in the areas to process gem polisher, which is needed for Blood Ruby and Metal Solvent, used to make Pure Vanadium Crystals. Vatudun in Keplan is your quest giver for these. Pay attention to the quest, and you will know how to make both Pure Vanadium crystals from Skillfully Heating Vanadium Ingots and Metal Solvent as well as Blood Rubies from Skillfully Shaking Gem Polisher and Resplendent Rubies.

The Teir 5 Jeweler is your area of focus now. Corrupt Ruby Earrings require you to make Dark Blood Ruby Earrings which are made with Blood Ruby Earrings which are made with Resplendent Ruby Earrings which are made with Ruby Earrings. If you are counting, that’s 5 Tiers of earrings required to make the 6th stage, Manos Ruby Earrings.

As you can see, processing plays a huge role in crafting these upper echelon items. All life skills can work hand in hand. As a bonus: refer to my farming: https://atomic-temporary-171942925.wpcomstaging.com/2020/01/26/farming-fences-and-what-to-farm-for-in-black-desert-online/ for Pure Powder Reagent and Clear Liquid Reagent for a head start on the required Alchemy. You will need to touch on all of these items to complete Vatudun’s [Certificate] Skilled Paradigm quest in order to craft these upper echelon items.

Now back to processing in general. What are some additional ways to increase our efficiency in processing aside from pearl shop items and AFK processing? Almost everything you can process, can also be processed by your workers. Workers can do this while you’re AFK, online at all, or even while you’re offline. There are a variety of workshops in which workers can be assigned to handle processing that you’re character may not be qualified to do yet. New characters cannot even chop wood into plywood in the beginning. Even the most Naive Worker can though! A Teir 1 Wood Workbench and any worker can create any type of available Plywood. You just need the previous staged item in the storage of the city where you would like the work to take place. This method, no matter what you’re making, is slower than you processing the materials yourself. Still, this is a great method to have being done in tandem of any processing your character is doing. This will not work for everything you are going to need for Manos Ruby Earrings but it can be a good way of making some of the materials, freeing up your character for the rest.

What are some other valuable things we can process?


In cooking, many recipes require grain flour, fish, or other meat. Some of my other life skill guides tackle some of this, so here we will look at some recipes that require processing. Chicken With Stew Grains is a cooking product which can be cooked at lower cooking levels and if consumed, gives a +5% Amity Gain buff. To make Chicken With Stew Grains, you will need your cooking skill to be at or over Beginner 6. The recipe is simple:

Chicken With Stew Grains

  • Minced Bird Meat x2
  • Mineral Water x2
  • Grain x3

Minced bird meat made by Grinding chicken meat in the processing window. The benefit of this recipe though is the fact that it can be made with a low cooking skill, low grinding knowledge, and it also gives that +5% Amity Gain. Which can be valuable when trying to get your hands on cheap furniture or Grunil armor!

Fried fish is another good recipe to craft which requires low skill and knowledge. Its benefit is +1 Movement Speed. Eating any cooking recipe product will help fill your Health Stat as well! Large amounts of fried fish can be made in one sitting, is light weight, and makes the perfect to go snack because it adds to your movement speed. People have asked me though, How do you make large amounts of Fish related recipes when it takes awhile to collect a lot of fish while fishing? Simple. Dry those fish! Recipes that require 1 fish, will also accept 2 dried fish in its place. So the recipe for Fried Fish is:

Fried Fish

Fish Factory Port Epheria
  • Fish x1 OR Dried Fish x2
  • Grain Flour x3
  • Deep Frying Oil x2

Deep frying oil can be bought from most innkeepers or cooking supply vendors. One last note on fish is a “What I Do”. I personally dry ALL of the fish I catch while AFK. One of my other guides describes that the first time you dry a new species will give you knowledge of [Species]: Dried. There are additional benefits as well. Many things I craft require fish. By drying every fish, ensures I will have enough of one species at any given time that I can be AFK cooking longer on one recipe rather than having to change out fish types when resources are low. I also use many species in my fish factory. Having workers package dried fish into bulk trade items will be more profitable and efficient that fishing and running to the trade merchant in the long run.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of Processing in Black Desert Online. PlayStation is notably behind both Xbox1 and PC in BDO. This is why I have decided to make these articles from a PS4 gamer’s perspective. My Beginner’s Guides are intended to be more “What I Do’s” and I try to throw in some valuable tips and tricks. Not everything I do may worth for everyone, but these are the ways I do things which work well for me.

As always if you would like to reach out to us or party up, reach out to us through the buttons below.

February PS Plus Games – What Games to Play in February 2020

Do you believe we are already into February 2020? This is supposed to be a good year for the announcement of next generation consoles and games, but that could still be a long distance away. So what do we play til then?

This month Sony looks to feature 3, formerly hit games in the free section of PS Plus. Most of us PS gamers are PS Plus members, as it is required for some online features of PlayStation 4. Normally, PS Plus only features 1 or 2 new games during a given month. This month is an exception as Sony attempts to revamp interest in their VR system. Speculators believe this is due to the eventual announcement of PlayStation 5 and the newest V2; Sony’s upcoming new VR system.

There was a time we PS gamers would open out PS Plus accounts in the PS Store and see a plethora of free games added to PS Plus. Now, we are supposed to get excited about an increase to 3 (technically 5 and you’ll see why) total adds. It has been some time it seems, but 1 of these 3 games might be worth the excitement. So what are they?

  1. BioShock: The Collection. This is a series developed by numerous publishers throughout its existence; 2K Games and Arcane Studios being the most notable. This PS Plus add features 3 games with 1 free purchase. BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Inifinite all remastered to the latest gaming engines. This is an exciting game especially to those who are unfamiliar with the titles. This is a good chance to check out the franchise game, and see if this features a world for you. Already a fan? Well this is a no brainer download for you.
  2. Sims 4. Maxis and The Sims Studio became very popular and profitable in the early 2000’s with the production of several games in the genre of Simulation Games. This was a time when simulation games were “all the rage”, and this development companies sought to gain their foothold in long term success. There are now a ton of games in existence in the Sims series. If you played any of these over the last 20 years then you may just want to check out a newer version of it with Sims 4. Speaking of 20 years, anybody remember The Urbz: Sims in the City for PlayStation 2?
  3. Firewall Zero Hour. This is a First Person Shooter (FPS) developed by First Contact Entertainment for Sony’s VR System. This is the game it appears Sony has chosen to begin its campaign to making headlines with its VR System ahead of their V2 announcement. If I were to try out VR for the first time, this game would be at the top of the try list.

There you have it. There is my take on what to play in February 2020. I wanted to crank out this information as we are approaching February in just a few hours, and I also wanted to give an update to the RogueCorp Online Community. Those of you asking where the new Black Desert Online content is. I am happy to inform you all that more content is on the way soon! February is going to be an exciting month for the RogueCorp Online Community. There is a lot of growth for us to make, many LiveStreams to have, giveaways, and more Online content to install. So I hope you are all looking forward to it.

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Fearless During 1v1 PvP Archer Arrow Barrage Mount & Blade: Warband Fight & Destroy Multiplayer PvP

The epic sounds of the distant battle missed only one trait. The sound of my own steel hitting steel. I rush toward the sound, hoping to find my own slice of victory.

Against instinct, I rush down a fatal funnel created by the urban terrain of the battlefield knowing I was a prime target for enemies waiting for such an easy prize.

I am saddened when a familiar whistle enters my ear. I am then gladdened as I am not dead. This must be a sign from the Gods. My glory hath not been taken from me by my ignorance and lack of respect for fatal funnels on the battlefield.

I turn to find the one which made the sound. My enemy.

100 feet of deadly land separate me from my enemy. 100 feet of chances for him to grab this glory for himself.

Forward I go. Feeling the force of arrow and arrow hitting my shield sends aches throughout my body, but my legs won’t let me stop.

Closer and closer, I push on. As I approach, I see the the scared in his eyes. A wise look to have, for you had 100 feet to claim this glory. Now, the glory is all mine.

I keep the memories of your failure on my shield. I think of you whenever I grab another piece of glory from the battlefield. All the chances you had. Sometimes we only get 1 foot of chances. Your 100 remind me why I’m fighting. So to you. Thank you, and good night.

This video showcases one of the multiplayer modes, Fight & Destroy, in Mount & Blade: Warband. This is a mode in which features 2 opposing teams. Each team member only gets one life and when all of one team has fallen, the team left standing is the winner. There are many multiplayer modes in M&B: Warband. Many of which will appear on this site.

I am building interest for the upcoming new title from TaleWorlds Entertainment, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. This is a title from TaleWorlds (TW) that I am just now stumbling upon. TW mostly deals in the production of PC only games. They decided to bring this group to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and I was lucky enough to discover it 3 years after release. I have the trailer posted in another article. So if you would like to look into the game, please see that at: https://roguecorponline.wordpress.com/2020/01/26/mount-blade-ii-bannerlord-trailer-and-my-personal-hype/

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Trailer and My Personal Hype

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Gamescom 2018 Campaign Teaser – TaleWorlds Entertainment expected release of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords

I have only recently stumbled upon the epic adventures brought to us in Mount & Blade through Warband, the titles stand alone expansion dating all the way back to the archaic 2010’s. I found myself enjoying Mount & Blade: Warband; so much so, that I decided to look further into the titles. It was then, I discovered an upcoming game titles, “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords”. What are the odds this new game I discovered is set for a number 2 right as I found it?

Fans of the game have been waiting a long time in fact. In my research I found that this game was set to be released in 2018 originally. Two years later, I find the title and it’s set to now be released March of 2020. Luckily for me, I am deeply immersed in M&B: Warband, so I can wait a little while. Sorry long time fans. I couldn’t be more hyped for this new game though. The adventures I discovered in the single player campaign are highly unique, and unlike any other I have played. Quests, decision making, relationships, diplomacy, strategy, multiplayer modes, it’s all here in one game.

My hype has led me to locate the trailer to share across my social media outlets, and here it is! Thanks for visiting friends.

Epic Beat Down in Mount & Blade: Warband Preparation for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The frozen waters trap ships, and humans. I cannot escape. My only choice is to fight back against very similar odds in hopes of reclaiming my Noble Title in the Realm.

This could go on to be the ultimate story of redemption. The ultimate story of overcoming the odds. The ultimate story of love, loss, and the will of a warrior!

Mount & Blade: Warband Getting beat down by Seannebi on PS4

Instead, watch as those dreams are cut down, as I am, from my horse. Any good fighter can be killed. So can any supreme novice.

I picked up this game in the Playstation 4, PlayStation Now subscription. It was free to download with the subscription. I recognized it as it was a game that a friend had found a few days prior. It looked quite fun; however, I couldn’t have imagined the level of fun I would actually have playing it.

This game is old. I did not realize that as I began playing. I noticed the graphics weren’t in standing with games made more recently, but that was no matter to me. I am someone who would take good game play over good graphics any day of the week. The fact remains though -the game is old and outdated.

So why play it? We play it in preparation for the new installment of the series! I could not be more hyped for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. This new title is said to be releasing in March 2020, though it has already been pushed back from a late 2019 release.

The hope and hype is yet alive. I hope you all enjoyed the video and the article. As always if you would like to be a part of our growing community, I encourage you to reach out on Facebook, YouTube, or Discord (Buttons below). Thanks for watching/ reading!