Fallout 76 – Is it worth coming back to this game?

Early Gameplay shortly after BETA

I played several hundred hours worth of Fallout 4. Several play-throughs making a variety of decisions along the way. One of my favorite play-throughs being an absolute jerk to every NPC along the way. One day as I was hanging walking passed Vault 95 on my way to the Glowing Sea, I was stalked and attacked by a Chameleon Deathclaw. Eventually, I killed it and looted a 2 Shot Gauss Rifle. My first thought was man, I wish this were a multiplayer game so I could show off this find. That thought later grew to, I wish the next game in the series was multiplayer. Later, of course, we get the announcement of Fallout 76 at the E3 conference. I couldn’t be more hyped. The very second I could pre-order Fallout 76 -I did.

I played through the entirety of the BETA. Yeah, it had it’s share of issues to this point. I thought the same about Elder Scrolls Online when it first came out so I thought nothing of it. For a BETA, Fallout 76 was running fine. We all knew the real test would be at launch. MMORPG’s always get a ton of players upfront and active players die off after awhile. That was of course the case.

So why did many people leave?

The biggest problem for me early on was the stash size limit. In the beginning, you could only store 400 weight in the stash. As I progressed, I wanted to keep more and more things. I needed several hundred pounds of junk just to repair my weapons, armor, and power armor regularly. 400 pounds was simply not enough.

2. Unstable enemies, especially Scorched and Scorchedbeast

All scorched enemies were wildly buggy for quite some time. Often they were invisible (not by design) which made the vault dweller unable to attack them at all. Wolves would have stretched necks like a giraffe. I never new where to attack them because only in certain places could I actually do damage to them. I decided to nuke the Scorchbeast Queen once I got strong enough to launch my own nukes. The entire fissure site was unplayable. It was full of these bugged and broken scorched. Other players filled the area hoping to get their hands on a 2 shot explosive weapon by looting the dead queen. Often the queen would get stuck outside the playable area, leaving our hard work unrewarded as we couldn’t get to her to loot her body.

3. Loading Screens of death

We early players feared loading screens in this game. Many times if you entered a loading screen, you would be stuck there indefinitely. I had to close and restart the application several times because I was stuck in a loading screen. This made me resent the game, and I often looked for other games to play until fixes came. Something about this game kept me coming back.

4. No Human NPC’s

One of the biggest complaints I seen throughout social media and forums was the lack of human NPC’s to hear stories from, receive quests, and otherwise interact with. Bethesda and their many publishing partners over the years have become known for their great dialogue with NPC’s. Fallout 76’s initial release featured, and placed on center stage, the fact that there would be zero human NPC’s in the game. There are currently only robots and various mutated creatures to interact with, very minimally. The primary, non-robot, NPC that most people recognize being Grahm. Grahm is a super mutant vendor who travels the West Virginian Wasteland. You can buy a variety of items from him, if he isn’t fighting other creatures.

I am a big fan of the Fallout Universe as a whole. This is a world that didn’t evolve technologically the same way that we did in real life. This feature alone created a vast world of lore for us to pick through. Endless stories for us all to be entertained by. I came into the series at Fallout 4. I quickly went back to the earlier titles just for the stories. Reading terminals, following letters, listening to NPC’s, creates a story like you would find in a great movie or series.

So is it worth coming back?

Yes. Many of those issues I have mentioned have been fixed to date. There are the occasional bugs, sure, but the game runs very smooth now. Every MMORPG has these same issues, and Fallout 76 is no exception. The stash size limit has increased to 800, and with Fallout 1st, the vault dweller may purchase a subscription, one of the benefits being a new unlimited Scrap Box. The new scrap box can cost you $100 per year, (Other subscription benefits as well) but this allows you to free up your stash box space by storing all of your collected junk for crafting and repairs in a separate storage. My personal stash box became 600 pounds lighter with this upgrade. Yes, I paid the $100 dollars for the upgrade.

What is Fallout 1st? Quick look.

Fallout 1st is an in-game subscription that will cost you $12 per month or $100 dollars per year. Right now, it features the scrap box mentioned above, as well as:

  • Private World – A private server for you and up to 7 friends.
  • Survival tent – this works independently from your C.A.M.P. and acts as a second free fast travel spot. It also features a cooking pot, stash and junk box, and sleeping bag.
  • Atoms – A big thing in Fallout 76 is the in-game purchases. I am an absolute fiend for furniture in all the games that I play. This gives you 1650 Atoms per month to save or spend at your will.
  • Ranger Armor Outfit – This didn’t excite me as much as it did other people. There are plenty of you who will love this though as plenty of people become as fiendish about outfits as I do furniture.
  • Icons & Emotes – several items free here

I simply had to buy this premium membership as a huge fan of the titles. The extra furniture alone is worth it to me.

What’s to come? Wastelanders expansion is the big upcoming update that many are looking forward to. Originally anticipated to release late 2019, this “massive” update was put off until an undisclosed date in Q1 2020. We do not know if/when we will get this update. At first glance, it looks worth the wait. The crowd which has followed Bethesda through the beginning hardships of the West Virginian wasteland deserve an update with little bugs. (Always going to be some). So I am glad they are taking their time. Here is a quick glance at the expansion. All of which is speculation as Bethesda has stayed pretty close lipped as to the exact nature of what is in it.

  • Human NPC’s – one of the key features to previous titles in the Fallout series. Just a couple days ago, Settlers and Raiders were introduced on Bethesda’s website as coming with the Wastelanders Expansion.
  • Companions – another key feature in previous titles, namely Fallout 4.
  • Workshops – currently there are several workshops through the (almost called it the Commonwealth) West Virginian Wasteland which the vault dweller may claim and upgrade. These are supposedly getting a huge roll in the new Wastelander expansion . The exact details are unknown.
  • Dungeon Style content – Bethesda seems to have an interest in added group style dungeons to the game. These will likely be Vaults, but we do not know the depth of this until release.
  • Tons of change – Like the workshops, much content will be enhanced.

So it seems our complaints are getting addressed. Is it worth coming back? Well why did we leave? No human NPC’s? well that appears to be getting changed. Bugs? The game runs much, much smoother now. Loading screen of death? Doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. Stash size limit? This has been doubled, and the Fallout 1st premuim membership makes it much better. So I will answer again, YES, this game is worth coming back to, and I look forward to logging several hundred more hours into play.

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Black Desert Online – Warrior Class Review

I play Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4. I have also dabbled in the mobile app, bt most of my play experience is on PS4. I have over 500 hours invested into my Warrior and, at the time of this, am at 515gs evasion build. (BDO Planner, bdoplanner.com).

As I leveled through my first character (warrior) I thought it was a race to gear AP (attack points) and when I first got to 500 gs it was via a lot of AP. I then learned a bit more, and my play style seemed more aligned with this evasion type build. All that said, after 500 hours of game play with warrior, I am calling it the Swiss Army Knife. I have played 10 other characters so far, and that title seems to fit the warrior. It is no where near the mob grinder of a musa, not a trained alchemist like Shai, and certainly not the cosmic power house as is the Mystic. The warrior is not “the best” at any one thing I have found. It is more the utility knife I mentioned. The class is not terrible at anything either. A great all-around class that can get any job done.

Warrior is a lot of fun to play. My current build is quite tanky for the enemies we have available so far. I have won and lost several PvP bouts as well. The part I find might be difficult for those wishing to pursue this class is timing and positioning blocks. It might sound silly now, but you need to face your opponent in order to block appropriately. Also, classes that can string together large combos can excel versus a warrior as the shield strength will give out after enough damage. So knowing when and where to block is important, and hard to master. Using grabs and knockdowns on speed-demon / glass cannon classes is super effective with Warrior, as a pro.

Speaking of pros, here’s a quick look at some pros and cons in my play experience:

Pro: Con:

Easy to learnHard to Master
Swiss Army Knife ClassTiming / Positioning Blocks
Blocking / Defense
Regenerating Movement Speed Skill Kind of Slow Otherwise

Now we can begin to look at some of his skills. Warrior has some relatively high damage attack skills. I have built mine as high defense. So I started working with these largely important skill areas:


Pre-awakened Warrior has a Longsword and Shield. After he Awakens, he is armed with a Great sword, which can also block effectively. He can charge with his shield, but must remain stationary while blocking with his great sword. The shield itself is also great for crowd control.

Kicks / Grabs

Kicks and Grabs have the ability to knock your opponent down. Some even knockdown surrounding enemies. This technique is good against mobs, but is wildly useful against other players.

Any skill which increases mobility

Warrior has a variety of skills which increase his mobility. He is not terrible manipulating any given terrain, but any advantage he can get to setting up blocks and other skills is important.

For me those are the 3 main skill areas to take a look at early on. Once you get a feel for Warrior, it’s easier to play with the more aggressive skills.

Current Warrior gear on Black Desert Online (5 Months Gameplay)

Anyways, just a quick breakdown of my experience playing a Warrior in Black Desert Online for PS4. I would like to do more of these types of articles, perhaps more in-depth, perhaps life skills, any topic suggestions is appreciated. Visit my YouTube Channel or Join the discussion on Discord.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Trailer and My Personal Hype

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Gamescom 2018 Campaign Teaser – TaleWorlds Entertainment expected release of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords

I have only recently stumbled upon the epic adventures brought to us in Mount & Blade through Warband, the titles stand alone expansion dating all the way back to the archaic 2010’s. I found myself enjoying Mount & Blade: Warband; so much so, that I decided to look further into the titles. It was then, I discovered an upcoming game titles, “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords”. What are the odds this new game I discovered is set for a number 2 right as I found it?

Fans of the game have been waiting a long time in fact. In my research I found that this game was set to be released in 2018 originally. Two years later, I find the title and it’s set to now be released March of 2020. Luckily for me, I am deeply immersed in M&B: Warband, so I can wait a little while. Sorry long time fans. I couldn’t be more hyped for this new game though. The adventures I discovered in the single player campaign are highly unique, and unlike any other I have played. Quests, decision making, relationships, diplomacy, strategy, multiplayer modes, it’s all here in one game.

My hype has led me to locate the trailer to share across my social media outlets, and here it is! Thanks for visiting friends.

Mount & Blade: Warband Further Review with Video of Arena

Arena – Training – Singleplayer Campaign – Further Review of Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is a game I recently discovered. I do not tend to like non-mmorpg games; however, I was quickly hooked after spending some time in the various modes of Mount & Blade Warband. This game features a single player adventure that is unlike any other I have embarked upon. It does not feature the best graphics in the world, but I have said over-and-over I will take great game play over great graphics any day. One feature found in single player, campaign mode, is an arena area where one can hone their individual skills while not immersed in strategic war campaigns. This is my best match in the aforementioned arena so far. Hoping to make it all the way through eventually.

The arena is just one of the side adventures you can have in this game. The arena can help you hone your skills on a variety of weapons which can be useful later. Every decision you make can play a key role in later scenarios. From the very start you are asked to help a city by taking on forest bandits. You need to then recruit 5 individuals to accompany you into the battle against these bandits. Thus, the start of you army. Continue to recruit your way to larger and larger armies. A large army will not be enough to stake your claim to nobility though. Diplomacy is a huge part of the game. You will have to make friends, enemies, and other decisions. Large sieges require large armies, so pick your allies carefully. Pick your enemies carefully too, as they could be the end of your army -setting you back months (in-game).

In some of my videos you will often see me take on Jarl Aeric of the Nords. He was one who often picked on little ole me when I started, yet I have been able to best him at times. He has become my in game rival I suppose. But that’s how immersed you get in the story of this game.

Would highly recommend.

A Beginner’s Guide to Failstacking / Enhancing in Black Desert Online

77 Black stones (armor) 32 Reblath Shoes were used in the making of this +20 Failstack. Current value of Reblath Shoes needed for this stack: 412,768 Silver. Current CM Value of 77 Black stones (armor) 15,554,000 silver (Highest bid), and Blacksmith’s secret book +20 valued at 1,000,000 silver. Total project cost 16,966,768 silver if done without grinding the items through PvE.

Direct questions to RogueGOOSE1 on Facebook

My information here comes from my gameplay on Playstation 4. Market prices, techniques, and some information can be different on the other platforms. This is going to be very basic, but I will add a couple things along the way. Further questions can be answered in the Discord (linked below). Enhancing gear with any kind of success requires Failstacking (fs).

Enhancing gear in BDO can be a very difficult task at first glance. It is a grind getting to the top of BDO, and enhancing is no different. In the beginning, there was hardly anything available on the Central Market (CM). So we all had to enhance our gear the now ol’ fashion way to get these items on the CM for others to enjoy. Now that the CM is full of items, many things can be bought to speed up the process. And sometimes that is just what I do. Reblath and Agerian armor are easy to come by in our version of BDO at this point. These items are available at a fair price at the blacksmith in Velia, Tranan Underfoe. So which do you pick for the failstacking process?

Agerian versus Reblath – Reblath is cheaper and you will need an absolute ton of armor to failstack. Agerian has the best resell value. If one accidentally “pops” (Succeeds) you can simply restore its durability and sell it to start over. This is a slow process, but helps break up the grind, and make you feel like you’re getting silver back. Being that reblath is cheaper, and you need a ton. This is simply the best way to go. I have also bought +14 gear from the CM to skip some steps in the past. This is a more expensive route as well, but sometimes breaks up this grind in the same way mentioned.

That last paragraph throughout some more advanced terms, so let’s take a a deeper dive into them. Being successful in an enhancement while setting up failstacks is bad. Here, you actually want to fail. Your goal is to get a +14 piece of armor, whichever style fits your budget, and an absolute ton of black stone (armor).

Things you will need:

  • A ton of the same armor piece i.e. Reblath armor x32 (from video)
  • A ton of black stones (armor) x77 (from video)
  • Blacksmith’s Secret Book
  • Silver in Stacks, 16,966,768 silver would be the max price I would have paid in the video if using the CM and Taran Underfoe for all materials.

First step is to get your reblath armor to +14. +14 armor has the best chance at failing while only consuming regular black stones. So, call up your black spirit, load you reblath armor into the enhancement slot and start tapping like Shirley Temple. When your armor piece loses too much durability, it will need to be repaired to continued. Head over to the blacksmith Taran Underfoe, and select repair max durability (dura). Use your other 19 armors (or however many are needed) to repair it back to 100 dura, call up the Black Spirit again, and continue. Repeat this until you have a +14 armor.

Second step, now that you have your +14 armor piece, it is time to fail like the 3rd grade! Damn cursive writing.. Make sure you see the spot in the enhancement process where it has an option for [enhance success] or [durability]. Look closely. Choose the option which gives you the least chance at succeeding. Now, you’re ready to fail 20 times. Onward to failure!

Third step is to save that amount of fails in you blacksmith’s secret book. The one that is sold by Taran Underfoe for 1,000,000 silver. Open your inventory, find the book, Hit X.

You have now saved your first fs. So, how does all that work help you? You can now apply that +20 stack to any gear you want to actually succeed on. See video for more in-depth understanding.

The great part about Pearl Abyss is we often get in-game rewards. These include cron stones, Valk’s Cry, artisans memory, and other items helpful to enhancing. I like to save up these items, as well as the failstacks I create for a period of time. I then just make a day of it. Whatever game time I have that day, just put it towards enhancing various items, either for me or for the CM. When you try to enhance otherwise, you tend to run out of stuff more quickly, and go buying from the CM. Go the cheap route, wait.

Bonus tip. As you can see from the video, I am on my Musa, rather than my Warrior. I use the same character (Musa) to do all my enhancements. Why? Because I am terrible with inventory management in this game. If you’re like me, you have WAY TOO MUCH stuff. Doing it on one character helps me keep track of what I have. For the video, I tried to empty out my inventory as best I could. Additionally, I am building a Luck Armor of Fortuna set for my Musa. This will allow me to grind scrolls, black stones, and other items to help my enhancements. I guess that’s not really a tip, but a look into what I do.

I wanted to make this short and sweet as failstacking / enhancing is definitely a more advanced concept in this game for most people. It’s not easy, and you’re doomed to fail at times. Fail in a good way, and a bad way. I hope to more of this type of article in the future. Your comments, criticism, suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to hit me up through the discord to answer any questions if I can.

GTA Online Arena Wars

RogueGOOSE1 winning 1st Place in an Arena War match! Grand Theft Auto Online Arena Wars

I wanted to share this because after talking to people in game, I realized many people do not actually know what arena wars are. These game modes are a ton of fun.

Arena Wars modes are:

  1. FLAG WARS, choose you car, truck, or bike and get to a classic game of capture the flag; careful though other cars, trucks, and bikes, stand in your way. Whichever team collects the most flags wins!
  2. CARNAGE, a last car standing match to the death.
  3. FLAG WARS, the match in this video, similar to capture the flag but with cars, bikes, or monster trucks.
  4. WRECK IT, this is a death race style of game play.
  5. GAMES MASTERS, one team collects checkpoints in their vehicles while the other spectates, spectators have a variety of weapons to use to destroy other vehicles, collect as many checkpoints as you can in the time and then teams switch places.
  6. HERE COME THE MONSTERS, monster trucks versus Issi Classic compact cars, after each round you switch places. Smash the Issi’s or lead the monster trucks to their doom in traps.
  7. HOT BOMB, hot potato with cars.
  8. TAG TEAM, each team gets one player in the arena at a time in a gladiatorial bout with cars. Up to 16 players can compete in these matches.

You do not need to own an Arena Workshop or any vehicle to participate in these matches. It does make it a little more fun to customize your very own death machine to use in the Maze Bank Arena, though.

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband_20200123131112

Mount and Blade: Warband is a stand alone expansion to the Mount & Blade title. Playing this stand alone expansion was the first I had heard of the series. It looked interesting, so I thought I would give it a shot. There are a variety of modes to play through including multiplayer and single player content.

I signed into the game and started the tutorial. Getting a handle of the controls initially was quite difficult. I recommend newcomers to retry the tutorial as many times as it takes to get comfortable with. After the tutorial I went over to multiplayer immediately, as I am a mmo lover, even though this is NOT an mmorpg. After getting a few multiplayer armies descimated, I decided to try my hand at the campaign.

The “Campaign” is where this game shines. This is, in no way, an mmorpg. Instead this game and its less than desirable graphics shines in this sort of deep story telling area which doesn’t tell much of a story at all. You kind of make up the story as you go. A lot of us enjoy stories to be force fed to us, but this is not the game for that. Getting started in the campaign is rather difficult. Those familiar with the series probably already understand the concepts, but I was new. The game explained very little to me, and left me getting captured alot throughout my first few minutes. I quickly struggled with the game; however, after giving it a fair few college tries, I became hooked. The strategy elements in Mount & Blade: Warband, are absolutely incredible. Whether you’re building relationships with Counts and Ladies of far away lands, or in the thick of it fighting for control of a Castle, you are immersed in the strategic elements.

Again, this is not an MMORPG, but this is my first review. Hopefully more to come. Join my discord gaming chat to play along with me! Hope you enjoy my videos.