Skate 4 Coming Soon? Skate 4 News & Rumors


Skate 3 has been a hit once again as of late with the resurgence made by placing the game on Xbox’s Gamepass. Rumors and news have been swirling and speculation continues to grow across the interweb. So, what is real and what rumors are there?

Actual News


Very little information has been given to us from the developers of Skate 4. The game was revealed in 2020. It has been 2 years since that announcement came and the press room has been crickets until earlier this year (2022). The news here, the game is indeed being worked on.

Coming soon. Earlier this year, CEO at EA, Andrew Wilson, made some comments that built further speculation. The only real news that was made was that the game “will release soon.”


Andrew Wilson’s comments did drop some fairly interesting hints. He said they wanted to focus on “UGC (User-generated content)”. He made some comparisons with Sims and FIFA / Madden Ultimate Modes. Skate already had a knack for a certain level of UGC with the user skate editor.

One could assume fairly safely that the editor will return. What else could that mean? I would love to see tournament style play come out of this. User generated league play or something of that level. There is a lot you could do within that realm.



We can mostly only speculate further until we get a deeper look at the game. Stay tuned here and we will keep you up to date.


Survival Rates coming up for days – Skate 3 Gameplay still gold – what games we playing below

Check out the link above to watch 0% survival rate gameplay on Skate 3.

Follow the Facebook page for more exciting Skate 3 content as well as riveting content from many other games.

So, what other games can you see on the page?

No Man’s Sky

NMS is cooking right now. The crazy cool folks at Hello Games have dropped a ton of new features on the game including tame-able creatures, assistant/ pilot-able mechs and much more!

Dying Light 2

This game is an instant classic and must be in the conversation for game of the year. There’s many competitors that will enter that race coming up later this year, but it is at the top for now! Parkour across a beautiful landscape to stay outside of reach from the infected hordes.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is also in the conversation for game of the year for me. Not quite a masterpiece, but as close to gold as we have seen in 2022 so far. Explore a beautiful world full of bosses, minibosses, and other whacky characters for you to destroy.

NFL Clash

A mobile game jumps into this list as I just started playing the incredibly addictive NFL game on mobile devices. Way different than Madden Mobile. You may particularly enjoy it if you have ever been frustrated by Madden Mobile.

State of Decay 2

A game that doesn’t get as much attention as it once did. I see it coming back once we finally get more news regarding State of Decay 3. A different spin on a post-apocalyptic zombie land where you do not play as one character rather as a community. Learn skills to help your community thrive in the dangerous world.

There’s what I am playing folks. Of course, there are many more. I just wanted to highlight a few!

Let me know what you’re playing! Watch that Facebook Reel above and come follow for more!

Top 10 Games of the Week – Best Games of the Week – March 7 2022


This post should start out by saying this is not the greatest games of all-time list. There may be some on the list in that conversation, but that is not the goal. This is a list that will go from 1 to 10 with 1 being the top game worth playing this week down to 10.

This list will include a variety of game types. They may not all be your type of game, but I will do my best to describe the games so you have a good idea what it is, should you decide to give it a shot.


The List

1. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 – Best game of the week

The best game of the week goes to Techlands, Dying Light 2. This is not a typical post-apocalyptic survival game. There is no thirst, no hunger, and no traditional base building hat you might see in some other zombie type games. Nope, Techland took a different avenue by focusing on its parkour hook. Traverse the city and stay out of arms reach of the infected. This is hands down the top game of the week.


2. Elden Ring

Elden Ring released recently and is making it up my board as one of the best games you can play right now. It is a new game which has players flocking in to witness the Demon Souls style game. The game focuses more on bosses and mini bosses rather than questing like some other games in the open world rpg universe. Choose a champion, style him/her however you wish, and go explore this dangerous world.

3. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky – Best games of the week

No Man’s Sky might be a distant memory to former players. The game has seen some up and down since it released back in 2016. The first year in particular was brutal for this game. It has seen some fantastic upgrades and updates since back then. This is an easy must play. The game focuses on having the largest playable area in existence. Enjoy endless exploration, crafting, and building in this game that always has something worth doing.

4. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has had a good run. That good run continues as the Witch Queen is bringing a whole new experience to the game. Enjoy a looter shooter experience that is very much becoming a unique experience. The story is okay, but the multiplayer experience is a cut above most games of its kind.


5. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 – best games to play right now

A game that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It came out of the gate with some very harsh criticism, but the game has seen its share of upgrades. Enjoy a futuristic version of society in the beautiful open world that is Night City. For single players only.

6. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

If you’re a Pokemon connoisseur than this is a must play. I do believe that even people who aren’t fans of the Poke Universe could have a great time exploring this version of the game. The game is more focused on cute storytelling and, of course, Pokémon adventures.


7. Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 still worth playing?

Yes, people still play this one. The game is more sold on the multiplayer aspects as getting top tier items can be very difficult to obtain on one’s own. The single player story is very rewarding in its own right with incredible scenes, acting, and action!

8. Fallout 76


A game that has been trying to stay afloat for quite some time is Fallout 76. It continues to reinvent itself, only to see numbers ascend for a short while and collapse. A very cool concept, but a game that is way more fun with friends. The single player aspects tend to get old grinding on one’s own. A very good game, nonetheless.

9. Lost Ark

Lost Ark is falling quite significantly for us here so far. It is a very fun game, but it has left a little something to be desired. A free to play MMO action RPG that has received a bit of criticism out of the gate. Some of this criticism revolves around the limits of the characters. Overall, a really good experience. Just needs some work.


10. Skate 3

Somehow making its way into a top ten after a million years is Skate 3. The game continues to build popularity as short clip creators build off of the insanity of the sweet tricks, challenges, and customizable skating areas.

There you have my list of top ten games worth playing this week. What do you think? Yell at me on social media!

Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months? Updates, DLC’s, Rumors & Speculation

Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months?

Dying Light 2 has been available on PC and console platforms for about a month to date, and players have dived deep into the Villedor we got at launch.

What will be the future of Villedor? What will it look like in 6 months?

There has been a lot of talk from the fine folks of Techland in recent days and even some hints given before the game actually launched that we may have forgot about completely.


Typical Survival Elements

Many zombie games feature a handful of features that have become almost the norm with survival games. Dying Light 2 has attempted to be different than your run of the mill survival game; however, the regular survival elements may actually be on the way.

Techland actually said they could see adding survival elements post launch. So six months from now we could see such elements as:

Renegades Coming to play
  • Resource Management
  • Hunger / Thirst
  • Settlement Building
  • NPC Management / Community Management

These are things that very often come as a standard for most survival, post-apocalyptic, zombie type games. All of which was on the radar of Techland when they mentioned it could be added post launch.

Free DLC


Techland is pretty good about delivering quite a bit of free DLC’s or other free content. This is pretty rare for titles that don’t have much in the way of income after the cosumer buys the actual game.

Some DLC’s we could see could revolve around the various factions. There are many underdeveloped factions in the game right now. Like the nomads.

Faction Development

The Nomads are a group of people that are similar to pilgrims, but do not do quite the leg work of pilgrims. You may recognize such characters as Danior whom you may of met at the Fish Eye. This fine gentleman is a nomad. Also, Renegades have gained quite a bit of interest from players. We get a sneak peak of NPC’s settled down on Renegade Camps during the main story mission. This reminds me a lot of Fallout 4. One of the DLC’s rolled out by Bethesda for FO4 was the Nuka World DLC where the player could actually join a Raider gang.


Paid Story

It costs money to get content. We will very likely get an option to buy something after a sum of updates and free DLC’s. One of the ways hinted at by Techland was the possibility of a paid story upgrade. This may require an additional playthrough of the game in order to get the full story. This could add additional depth to characters, factions, or allow the player to get unique loot.

The game could look a lot different in the next 6 months. Dying Light (1) is still receiving updates to this day and its successor is already very successful. So, who really knows? We do know that there is a ton to get excited about!


Ratings for Dying Light 2 – Too high? Too low? Reasons explained.

Across the board ratings for Dying Light 2 explained

Dying Light 2 has been on shelves and in digital collections for over a month now. Several reputable video game reviewers have provided their services for the newly released Dying Light 2 game on Xbone, Series X\S, PS4 /5, PC, and Switch.

A look at the sources we will dive into:

  • Game Informer (9.5/10)
  • PC Gamer (84/100)
  • Tech Radar (4/5)
  • PSUniverse (9/10)
  • VG247 (4/5)
  • Dual Shockers (9/10)
  • RogueCorp (93.5/100)

How did the game fair with these sources?

The number in parenthesis notes the rating associated with the brand. This also corresponds with the picture above. I do mine (Rogue Rating) with a possible score of 100 which allows a little bit more clarity. Others have their reasons for why they score their way. Having only a possible 5 available points seems wild to me because in this case we see that the game only lost one point with VG247 & Tech Radar, yet the game gets an 80%. That is just far too vague for me.

First thoughts, by the numbers.

4/5 is just not high enough. This is a far too vague figure. A much more defined figured hits me at PC Gamer. 8.4 out of 10 is very intriguing. I obviously find it low; however, I am open to opinions. I find some interesting points when looking into PC Gamer’s reasons behind the figure.

Game Informer (9.5/10)

“During the 50-plus hours I invested in this fantastic game, I often thought about playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the first time, feeling overwhelmed by its wealth of content and not knowing if I screwed something up with a hasty decision.” Andrew Reiner (Game Informer)


Negative Comments:

  • Combat takes a backseat

The main complaint from Game Informer was combat related. The game scored very well so they only hit it with subtle negativity. Which I can appreciate. They say that combat takes a back seat to the other great content. I also very much agree to the quote above, and I thought the exact same when I first played Dying Light 2.

PC Gamer (84/100)

Negative Comments:

  • Infected fighting is a bit boring
  • Menus
  • Controls for PC
  • Story underwhelming

Their Verdict:

“A underwhelming story but a massive, exciting sandbox of parkour and kinetic combat.” -PC Gamer


I do see where they are coming from. They rate for PC Games. So they do not take into account the console version. This will make the Controls / Key bindings stand out a tad more than on a grander scale. They also claim that infected fighting is boring in comparison to fighting bandits. I can agree there to a degree. Renegades have camps to storm and other ways to interact with them. Zombies can only do so much. Where I absolutely cannot see eye to eye is how in the world, they can say the story is underwhelming. I thought it was excellent!

PSUniverse (9/10)

“Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been a long time coming, and thankfully it’s worth the wait.” -Garri Bagdasarov (PSU)

Negative Comments:

The folks at PSU knock the game only a touch. They finally gave it a 9 out of 10 which I can appreciate. The main knock was that the stamina drains way to fast even when fully upgraded. I do see where they are coming from on this, but I cannot agree. You want the game to have its challenge even in late game. I believe you have plenty of stamina when maxed out. If you think you don’t then you probably need to rethink how you are using it in that particular situation.


Tech Radar (4/5)

Negative Comments:

  • Occasional dodgy voice acting and dialogue
  • Doesn’t look spectacular

Dying Light 2 lost a point with Tech Radar for the 2 reasons above. “Occasional dodgy voice acting and dialogue”. I do agree that this happens in the game but, the second comment astonishes me. Dying Light 2 looks absolutely amazing. Perhaps Tech Radar is just doing too much these days.

VG247 (4/5)

“Dying Light 2 is messy and uneven. It’s also unique, exhilarating, and just plain fun to play, with one of the best settings in recent memory – despite the nagging feeling that the game could, and should, be more than what it is.” – Josh Broadwell (VG247)

I do see the points that Josh is getting at in his review of Dying Light 2. I do find the review to be slightly unfair though. The game is certainly everything he mentions, but maybe not to the degree he claims. For example, saying the game could, and should be more than it is. The truth is that it could and should be. The issue here though is that where the game is right now beats the brakes off of others like it. So, if and when it does become more it will just continue to widen the gap between itself and other games.


DualShockers (9/10)

“There were a few occasions in which I found myself having to climb down to the streets below to then climb up the side of another building, simply because there just wasn’t an easy route to the other side” Kyle Knight (DualShockers)

Negative Comments:

  • Minor Inconveniences

DualShockers reviewer Kyle does a very in-depth review of Dying Light 2 from a positive light. He does not really go into why the game loses that one point making it a 9 out of 10. His review mentions some issues he finds to be minor inconveniences, so I am left to believe this is his reason.

RogueCorp (93.5/100)

Negative Comments:

  • Better tip / tutorial system, especially for beginners
  • Better early looting

See Dying Light 2 – Full Review – We did have some issues with the game. Our review shows exactly where the points were ultimately lost for the game. There were just a couple issues, but overall, a slam dunk game.


Shipping – RogueCorp Ebay Store

RogueCorp Ebay Store

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RogueCorp Ebay Store Return Policy GG

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All items are sold in this manner.

As is

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Bethesda News – Bethesda shutting down the Bethesda Launcher


Remember when it seemed like every game publisher thought they needed their own launcher for their games? Bethesda, Epic, EA, Blizzard, and others thought it would be good to sell their games from their own storefront. The notion worked well for some, but not so well for others.

EA had a shot at it but did not have near the success as Epic or Blizzard. That is when they decided to return their games back to steam. Steam is where [most of us] get games these days, and Blizzard seems to be returning to the fold.

Not only that, but the giant game publisher is also closing its Bethesda Launcher entirely.


Bethesda’s Announcement

“Starting in early April, you’ll be able to migrate your games and wallet to your Steam account…” & “We would like to thank you for your support and assure you that all of your games are safe. The migration to Steam will include your game library and wallet – meaning you will not lose anything. Many games will also have their saves migrated, with a few requiring some manual transfers.”


This announcement by Bethesda hopefully assured those that have games purchased from Bethesda’s store. As well as those that may have racked up any in-game currency with their popular, (and pricey) games like, Fallout 76 and the Elder Scrolls Online.

I am not sure the reason for the shutdown; however, it is very likely due to the limited number of users to the store.

What is also interesting is thinking about Blizzard’s online store, Microsoft purchased Bethesda, and now the Bethesda Launcher is closing down. Bethesda bought Activision Blizzard, who house Microsoft also has their own store. Could we see all of the popular games from these publishers end up on Or the Microsoft Store?


Best Ways to kill enemies in Dying Light 2?

Killing fools in Villedor – Dying Light 2 fun ways to kill enemies

I am sharing this post in hopes of getting some juicy shares from people out there. Hit me up via social media. Tage me or send me those shares of your most fun / hilarious moments killing enemies in Dying Light 2.

Dropkicking enemies in Dying Light 2 – Dying Light special moves

1. Handing out drop kicks for free

Handing out drop kicks all over Villedor is hands down, my favorite way to kill enemies in Dying Light 2.

The higher the drop the better. Bonus points for those that send them through tight spaces, like windows, for a bit of added flavor.

Brick & Switch – opportunity weapons in Dying Light 2
PK for the win – Factions Dying Light 2

2. The ole brick and switch

Building off of dropping people from high places, comes the throwing things method. Bricks, bottles, spears, or other throwables make great freelance options for knocking people over ledges.


3. Let someone else do the killing

Betting on my PK boi to get the kill is always a safe bet. Especially when he gets a slight nudge toward victory.

These are some of my favorite ways of killing enemies in Dying Light 2. Whether bandit or infected, I have a blast getting creative with the kill! Share with me your best kills on social media!

Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves

Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves

For Wood Elves the Long pass is everything, even more so than their High Elf cousins, and all of their effort goes into being an expert at throwing or receiving. So, get them binoculars out if you’re going to watch these aerial loving elves.

Wood Elf Blood Bowl

Wood Elves Blood Bowl Roster:

Wood Elf Bloodbowl roster costs

Great passers
Fast & agile
Wardancers are exceptional

Somewhat expensive

Famous Teams:


Arranoc Drakes
Athelorn Avengers
Bil Bali Archers
Deepwood Falcons
Greenglade Rooters
Laurelorn Paladins
Oakglade Defenders
Pine Crag Pioneers
Treetop Terrors