Upcoming Survival Games – The Day Before

The Day Before is the most requested game among steam users. It is said to be an online multiplayer, zombie survival. The game trailers look incredible. The folks at FNTASTIC even make it look like the game we have all been wanting to fill the void in the zombie survival genre. The only problem is…Continue reading “Upcoming Survival Games – The Day Before”

The Long Dark – Survival Rating

The Long Dark is a true survival game published by Hinterland Studios. You play as a pilot that has crash-landed in the middle of an ice cold, Canadian wilderness. The game prides itself on there being no fantastical threat. The challenges are the wilderness, freezing temperatures, and the Canadian wildlife. It is great to seeContinue reading “The Long Dark – Survival Rating”

Stranded Deep – Free PS Plus Games – May 2021 – First 15 minutes of gameplay Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a survival title that has been around a fair while now. I only just got my hands on it as it is one of the free games for the Month of May 2021. Free PS Plus games are free to those who have an active PlayStation Plus membership. Complete list of PSContinue reading “Stranded Deep – Free PS Plus Games – May 2021 – First 15 minutes of gameplay Stranded Deep”