Dying Light 2 Update – Parkour Challenges

The fine folks at Techland continue to roll out fixes as well as additional content for Dying Light 2. There have been a handful of recent updates to get excited about for your parkour enthusiasts. 2 updates in a roll which added 5 and then 3 new parkour challenges to the Villedor map for aContinue reading “Dying Light 2 Update – Parkour Challenges”

Cyberpunk 2077 Latest Patch Notes 1.52 – 3/22/22

Our pals at CD Projekt RED are rolling out many fixes as we prepare for additional content to release for the beloved game. A beloved game that saw much scrutiny upon release late in 2020. The game has now been out for quite a while and has received quite a share of fixes and patchesContinue reading “Cyberpunk 2077 Latest Patch Notes 1.52 – 3/22/22”

Top Games of the Week – March 2022 Week 3

Each week we list our top games worth playing right now. These only include games that are actually available to play at the time of righting. The list takes several factors into consideration. Whether a game is trending or not doesn’t matter per se; however, we may consider the reasons why a game is trending.Continue reading “Top Games of the Week – March 2022 Week 3”

Skate 4 Coming Soon? Skate 4 News & Rumors

Skate 3 has been a hit once again as of late with the resurgence made by placing the game on Xbox’s Gamepass. Rumors and news have been swirling and speculation continues to grow across the interweb. So, what is real and what rumors are there? Actual News Very little information has been given to usContinue reading “Skate 4 Coming Soon? Skate 4 News & Rumors”

Survival Rates coming up for days – Skate 3 Gameplay still gold – what games we playing below

https://fb.watch/bHVeDdrBPy/ Check out the link above to watch 0% survival rate gameplay on Skate 3. Follow the Facebook page for more exciting Skate 3 content as well as riveting content from many other games. So, what other games can you see on the page? No Man’s Sky NMS is cooking right now. The crazy coolContinue reading “Survival Rates coming up for days – Skate 3 Gameplay still gold – what games we playing below”

Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months? Updates, DLC’s, Rumors & Speculation

Dying Light 2 has been available on PC and console platforms for about a month to date, and players have dived deep into the Villedor we got at launch. What will be the future of Villedor? What will it look like in 6 months? There has been a lot of talk from the fine folksContinue reading “Where will Dying Light 2 be in 6 months? Updates, DLC’s, Rumors & Speculation”

Shipping – RogueCorp Ebay Store

Shipping Policy Our shipping policy at the RogueCorp Ebay Store is not very elaborate at this time. We ship online within the United States. International Shipping We currently do not offer international shipping on any products sold in the RogueCorp Ebay Store. We hope these changes soon, but it is not available to this point.Continue reading “Shipping – RogueCorp Ebay Store”

Best Ways to kill enemies in Dying Light 2?

I am sharing this post in hopes of getting some juicy shares from people out there. Hit me up via social media. Tage me or send me those shares of your most fun / hilarious moments killing enemies in Dying Light 2. 1. Handing out drop kicks for free Handing out drop kicks all overContinue reading “Best Ways to kill enemies in Dying Light 2?”

Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves

For Wood Elves the Long pass is everything, even more so than their High Elf cousins, and all of their¬†effort goes into being an expert at throwing or receiving.¬†So, get them binoculars out if you’re going to watch these aerial loving elves. Wood Elf Blood Bowl Wood Elves Blood Bowl Roster: Strengths:Great passersFast & agileWardancersContinue reading “Wood Elf – Blood Bowl – Wood Elves”

Vampire – Blood Bowl – Warhammer

Although Vampire teams include a number of extremely capable players, they are let down by the unreliability of the Vampires. While they should be concentrating on the game, their attention often wanders to their hunger and before you know it, they are off for a quick bite. Vampires Blood Bowl Vampire Blood Bowl Roster: Strengths:CheapContinue reading “Vampire – Blood Bowl – Warhammer”